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Part C:

You find the following Email in your work folder, since another of the Overseers correctly forwarded it there:

Subject: Interview for Lemmy's Land

By the way, I really like your page! K, here's my interview. Yoshi
interviews Goomba!!!

Yoshi: Oh, welcome, everybody. Today guest is Goomba. Yum when eat. But
today no eat. Today ask and interview. See, here comes yum when eat, Goomba!
Goomba: **grumbles**
Yoshi: What do Goomba like about being Goomba?
Goomba: **grumbles** Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: Oh nothing? Then how do you feel about Bowser?
Goomba: **grumbles** Big bossy turtle.
Yoshi: Really? Oh what do Goomba like to eat?
Goomba: **grumble, then snickers** Yoshis!
Yoshi: And Yoshi like Goomba for food! Cool!
Goomba: **grumbles** No, I was joking. I like eating absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: Oh what do you like about Mario?
Goomba: Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: And Luigi?
Goomba: Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: And any Koopa Kids?
Goomba: Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: Well, ehat about... what do you like about Paragoombas, Goomba
Goomba: Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: What do Goomba like to be: Goomba or Paragoomba?
Goomba: Neither.
Yoshi: Is Goomba pessimist or optimist?
Goomba: Neither.
Yoshi: Do Goomba like Koopa? Or do Goomba like Koopa with wings?
Goomba: Neither.
Yoshi: What do Goomba like about Yoshi interview?
Goomba: **grumbles** Absolutely nothing.
Yoshi: OK, Good night everybody, be nice to Goomba now! Thank you, Goomba
for this interview!
Goomba: **grumbles**


Step One: Determine which part of the Email is the submission, and copy that into your editing program. Remove the italics, which I simply put there to differentiate the Email from my instructions.

Step Two: Based on the content of the submission, determine what it is (Fun Fiction, Scribble, etc...)

Step Three: Edit the story into the best form you can put it in, based on grammatical rules and story content. Use your decision for story type to model your edited version on the form of another example of that type (i.e., if it is a Scribble, model your form off other Scribbles).

Step Four: Send me the edited version via Email to, either pasting it right into the message, or by attaching your document. Do not upload this to my Tripod account! Also, in your Email, tell me how many votes you would give the author for the submission.

Part D:

Now it is update time, and you are ready to post all the stuff you prepared (in this case, one item).

Step One: Create a new page for this submission is the proper folder, based on its type. So, if it is a Fun Fiction, put this in the lk2 folder at the hipkoopa account. Note! Usually, you would create this page by saving the latest page as a new document and adding one to its number (as desribed in the guide). This time, and only this time, you can use the last document as a save as, but instead of changing the number, delete the number part and put in your name. So, if you are Wario, and the last file had been lk26-180, the new file would be lk26-wario.

Step Two: Adjust the old page: In place of the other text, place your new edited text (I will not be checking for the text's accuracy here, as that is Part C). Correctly change the title of the piece and the title of the page, and correctly give the author credit. Remove the Story Contest vote button if there is one. Change the midi to a midi more appropriate for the themse of this submission, using the midis in Lemmy's CDs. At this point, the page should look just like any other page in its section, except, of course, that the submitted text and the variables are going to be different.

Step Three: Just to test your skills, to the page, also add in an appropriate place an appropriate picture from Lemmy's Photos. Added a link to vote for me in the Dome at the bottom of the page. Also at the bottom, ask that the readers Email you (not me, you), and include a correct Email link.

Step Four: Upload the page to the correct Tripod account (lemmykoopa or hipkoopa) and the correct folder. Then Email me and tell me the URL of your file (including the extension) so I can check your work. Do not, by the way, do any other part of the normal update, such as tinkering with the secret Super Koopa's page or trying to update other pages. Just stick with this until you pass the test.

If you know what you are doing, Parts C and D shouldn't take any more than half an hour, and it really should be a bunch less, unless you are updating the page directly in Tripod, in which case I pity you. If you feel you need more practice, let me know! But if you can do this (as well as Parts A and B, remember), then you are ready to be my Overseer!