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Snow Day

Lemmy was sleeping. Or at least he was trying to.


Lemmy bolted upright in his bed and saw his teacher, Mr. Waleiss, blowing a fog horn. At first he was mad, but then he remembered what the siren meant. "Snow day!" Lemmy cheered.

"Tropical Storm Day," Mr. Waleiss corrected.

"Who cares?" grinned Lemmy. "I'm going to have the best day ever."

And he did. Only later was it that Lemmy realized that his school was in the castle, so rain was not an issue. And Mr. Waleiss lived in the servants quarters, in the castle. And the nearest tropical storm was in Water Land, clear across the Mushroom Kingdom. But Lemmy didn't care, since he had spent the day swimming and playing pranks.

The next day, Lemmy was sleeping.


Lickety split Lemmy sat up, only to see that it was only Mr. Waleiss and his fog horn. "Tropical Storm Damage Day," he explained.

"Yahoo!" Lemmy cheered, leaping out of bed. He spent the day perfecting some ball tricks he just never seemed to have time for. Only later did he realize that there was no damage, at least not in the Koopa's castle.

So on the next day, Lemmy was sleeping again.


Lemmy jumped out of bed, but it was only Mr. Waleiss. "Power Outage Day," he explained.

Lemmy noticed that there was no power in the castle. But that didn't stop him from mocking all his siblings and thinking up new jokes. Only later did Lemmy realize that since the school was in the castle, the fact that there was no power didn't makie it any more harmful to be in school than to be allowed loose.

The next day came, and Lemmy was snoozing in bed.


Lemmy only sat up this time, knowing it was Mr. Waleiss. "Sick Day," he explained.

By this time, Lemmy was getting worried about all the days of school he would have to make up, probably during the winter when he had the least time available in the first place. But he wasn't going to let the day go to waste. He went to Ice Land and spent the day making snowmen. Only later did he realize that he wasn't sick at all. And that Mr. Waleiss looked fine. And that he was smiling. And that there would substitute teachers available.

Eventually the next day came, and Lemmy was dozing in bed.


Lemmy slowly opened an eye so he could see his teacher. "State of Emergency Day," Mr. Waleiss explained.

By now Lemmy was starting to get annoyed. Still, he enjoyed spending the day relaxing at the beach and reading comics. Only later did he realize that no emergency had been delcared, at least not by Bowser.

Believe it or not, the next day came, and Lemmy was sleeping yet again.


Lemmy had finally had enough of the days off. "What is it this time?!" he snapped at hus teacher. "Alien Day?! Plague Day?! Rest Day?! WHAT?!

"Saturday," frowned Mr. Waleiss.

Lemmy fainted.

A Hop In The Flames

"Help me!" Iggy called from the fireplace. "Roy locked me in and I can't get out!"

"What's that racket?" growled Bowser. He left the room to find a quiet activity.

"A little help here!" Iggy cried.

"I'm cold," Ludwig decided. He put some more wood on the fireplace, then went back to reading his novel.

"Hello? Help?" Iggy rolled his eyes.

"Yes, please," Roy agreed. Then he punched Iggy in the nose.

"Ouch! I mean, help!" Iggy whimpered.

"Too hot," decided Lemmy. He closed the fireplace's glass door, which also trapped in smoke.

"Gag! Could somebody help me here?!" Iggy snapped.

"Water! That will do it!" Wendy smiled. She filled a pitcher full of water, then drank the whole thing.

"I'm burning here!" Iggy shouted. "Somebody let me out!"

"Who's in there?" asked Morton. "Who cares!" Morton rambled on about the dangers of fire to those who would listen - and Iggy.

"Hot hot hot! Help!" Iggy wailed.

"This room sounds weird," complained Larry. "Let's get out of here."

The other free Koopalings agreed and left the room.

And that just goes to show that when there's a Hop in the flames, some one's going to get hurt - Iggy! So, by all means, use him to start a fire, it works great if you don't mind the noise.

The Talking Crab: Smash48, Jon, Mewd, Pikachu, Lady T., Alex

One day, Lemmy was walking to the beach. Then he was attack by this huge crab and it grabbed him and started flinging him around the beach like a rubber band. Then Lemmy was wondering, “Why is this stupid crab attacking me?” And then Lemmy took out his Freeze Gun and froze the giant crab. It looked like the crab was trying to say something. He couldn't understand him since he was frozen. So then Lemmy unfroze him with a special feature.

The crab yelled, "Why the heck did you freeze me? I just wanted attention, is that so wrong?! Then you come and freeze me!"

So then Lemmy said, "I'm sorry, but I've never met a taking crab before... you're amazing!"

“You've never met a talking crab before?”

Lemmy replied, "NO! You're the first!"

“There is a whole colony of talking crabs around here you moron!”

Lemmy thought he could make a lot of money off of crab meat, but that wouldm ake the giant crabs mad and they would fling him around some more. The rest of the Koopa family came by right before Lemmy asked, "How long have you been here?" Then Bowser looked at the huge talking crab and took out a fork and knife! Lemmy thought fast and shouted "NO!"

Bowser snapped, "You're not the boss and I'M hungry!"

So then Lemmy thought and said, "Uh... I brought a picnic basket!"

But then Bowser said, "I'm hungry for MEAT, and there's no meat in there!"

Then Lemmy said, "How about this nice slice of bread or uh these delicious veggies uh or how about a blech, Tongue Sandwich?”

Then the crab started to fling Bowser around and all the Koopa Kids had their eyes wide open, except for Lemmy. Then the crab put a gun to Bowser'shead and yelled, “Don't anyone move or I'll fill him full of lead, that will teach you to try to eat me and my friends!” Then Ludwig said that he wouldn't care because he could be ruler of Dark Land. “I won't kill your daddy unless you do something important for me.”

So then Wendy asked, "What do you want us to do?"

“I want you to set all the little crabs free from pet shops and diners!”

All the Koopalings, especially Ludwig, thought it was a great idea. But then Wendy remembered that she would probably have to do most of the work. "What are you going to do for me?" she asked Ludwig.

"First you will set free all the crabs from the restaurants and pet shops. Then we’ll do whatever is left to do," Ludwig said.

They were off. After about a month they were done and when they got back to the beach Bowser was cleaning his teeth with a toothpick and the crab was gone. Then Bowser burped. “You ate the crab, you idiot!!!!!!!” Lemmy yelled, “Nooooooo!!!” Then Bowser burped and took his crab bib off, and then some huger talking crabs came by and looked real angry! So they beat up Bowser and he was injured really badly! And to top it off, the entire crab colony took Bowser hostage underwater. The Koopa Kids had a meeting to decide how to save Bowser. Then they got into these cool ninja outfits and were ready to battle the giant crabs, but they saw Mario and Yoshi eating the crab army.S o they kept going to search for Bowser. They dived underwater, but the water was scalding hot! They found out they jumped into the biggest volcano on Plit! Uh oh! Then Morton fell in completely and every one cheered and then one of the Koopa Kids got a parachute and the hot volcano air pulled him out of the volcano and on his way up he yelled, “suckers!”

A gunshot was heard. The parachute fell off, and then the Koopaling fell into to the volcano, but luckily it was Lemmy and he froze the lava with his Freeze Gun, locking Morton under the ice. Morton screamed and the ice exploded.Then under the shards of sharp ice giant crabs came out and took the Koopa Kids to Bowser! He had been elected Dictator by the crabs. Then the Koopa Kids got to meet the Crab Kids but then the Koopa Kids ate the Crab Kids! "Needs salt," Iggy commented.

Then Bowser got mad at the Koopa Kids for eating them and they were sent to crab jail. And Roy saw that there five crabs in the same cell with them and he ate them.

Meanwhile, a group of crabs that hated Bowser grabbed him and put him into a guillotine, and made Ludwig their ruler because he was a million times smarter than Bowser. Ludwig used them as experiments, so the crabs threw him over a cliff. He crashed into the King Crab's castle and fell on him, killing him. They then made Morton king. (Big mistake) They didn't like him, so they... gave the crown to the talking crab who started this whole story! Unfortunately, Roy had eaten the crab, and was now hiding in its shell, so Roy became king! But another crab chopped Roy's head off, forcing him to get head surgery, making that crab king. Larry hired the crab, so Larry was really king. But Wendy wanted to be the ruler of the crabs, so she threw her loudest temper-tantrum ever, causing them to chop her head off, forcing her to get head surgery. Larry was caught eating the talking crab's Mom! Wendy got her head redone. That made her look like the princess. The talking crab’s Dad ate Larry. Then they made Iggy their king. While Iggy got up to get something he broke his glasses and fell, squashing the talking crab and the talking crab's Dad and Larry was spit out of the Dad's body, chewed up. The crabs got mad at Iggy and executed him.

Lemmy was king. Would he survive? When Lemmy fed the crabs their crab grub he gave them grub that was 21 years expired by accident. His heart was taken out, killing him, but it ended his having a dream! Morton was still the king of crabs and no one died yet! Except Bowser, who was still in the guillotine. Then Wendy wanted to be the queen so badly that she threw Morton down the drain and made the crabs makeher their new ruler. Things proceeded as they had in the dream, and Lemmy was king again, and everyone else was in plastic surgery. When Lemmy realized he was alone he cut off his head. (He went into plastic surgery.) All the crabs did that as well (because they do whatever the king does). All the crabs died and were extinct, and that was the end of crabs.

Meanwhile the Koopa Kids and Bowser would stay in the hospital for 999 years. The End? Oops, and Mario also took over Darkland.

Teaching Lemmy: Smash 48, Pikachu, Alex, Mewd, Jon, Lady T.,

One day Bowser was so upset at Lemmy’s grades. On his past five tests he got a D-, F-, F+, D+, and even an H! So Lemmy was sent to a special school for idiots. In that school on his first day his teacher said, “Ok, let's try to get our school work done for the letter A.”

Then, when Lemmy tried to write "A" it turned out to be an "M". The teacher got really mad at him and made him go to the corner wearing a hat that read "stupid". Then an hour later he came back from the corner. Next subject was math, where the problem was 1 + 1. Lemmy wrote "M" again, so the teacher smashed him over the head with a yardstick. Then he was sent to the corner for two days and when he came back the subject was Koopaish and the teacher asked Lemmy to say the letter "A" and he said "M" instead. The teacher sent him to the corner for ten days, and then smashed him with a sledgehammer. He got so mad that he froze her with his Freeze Gun and put her in the corner. He was sent to the Principal's office, where the Principal was meaner than ever. But then Lemmy froze him, went out the window, and ran home, but then the school sent FBI agents to go tie him up and gag him and bring him back.

Fortunately the FBI agents got confused because since their job descriptions were classified they didn't know what to do. So Lemmy got to the castle safely, but then Bowser came to the door.

Bowser: Lemmy, you're in big trouble this time!

(Show a close up ofBowser's face) Dun dun dun!

Bowser took away all of Lemmy's possessions, and forced him to watch Telatubbies! It was torture! And Bowser got Lemmy's new report card that was nothing but Fs. So he decided to make Ludwig be Lemmy's tutor until Ludwig decided to use Lemmy as a part of a brain transfer experiment. Ludwig inserted the brain of Yoshi (which he actually got recently) into Lemmy’s head and put his brain into Yoshi’s. He is doing this so he could see if Lemmy would get any smarter, but there was one small problem, the Yoshi he used was stupider then Lemmy and yet somehow got better grades.

The next day, Lemmy tried to eat Bowser. Lemmy got sent to real jail for trying to do this. Lemmy ate all the people at the jail, and ate Princess Toadstool. Then he was sent to Kindergarten for being a good boy in jail (yeah right) and when he got there the first thing Lemmy did was eat the teacher, his classmates, the desks, the chairs, and he even tried to eat the Principal. The Principal took him outside and ran him over with a steamroller. Lemmy’s new brain came out and then Yoshi saw his old brain and asked Ludwig to put his regular brain back in his head. Ludwig refused, so Yoshi froze him. Yoshi crashed into a building, causing Lemmy's brain to fall out and it went into Ludwig's head, causing him to act like Lemmy!

Meanwhile, Lemmy was eating everything in sight and then ate something that tasted bad. It was an FBI agent! The FBI agent brought him to a brain surgeon who replaced his brain with Mario's! Lemmy spent the rest of the day trying to get someone to kidnap the Princess so he could get a kiss on the nose. Luigi kidnapped Lemmy because he thought Lemmy was just a stupid Koopaling and he had no idea that Lemmy had Mario's brain. Luigi went so crazy when he found out he went to a crazy house. In the house were the Axem Rangers, the stupid Mushroomer from the episode MushRumors, Yoshi (Yoshi was in there because no one believed he had the brain of Lemmy) and a week later, they put Ludwig in the nut house because he playeda round with brains.

However, Ludwig had already switched around everyone else's brains. He had switched but his brain was taken out and replaced with a baboon’s brain. The baboon that now had Ludwig's brain removed the brains of all the asylum people and made stew. People who ate the stew thought it tasted nasty and decided to give it back to him. The baboon ate all the stew, and became five times as smart as Ludwigever was. Lemmy came to save the day. Lemmy still had Mario's brain so he jumped on the baboon and squashed the baboon like he was a Goomba.

The Princess came and said, “My hero!” So she kissed Lemmy!

Mario came back with the brain of Ludwig, but what happened to the baboon's brain? Oh my god, it landed into Alex Trebek! When he was hosting Jeopardy, the peanut-sized baboon brain got into him and he started going crazy! The contestants thought he was crazy so they left the show. And so, most everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, half the Koopa Clan, and Alex Trebek went to the nut house, where they all got Fs and Hs on their tests for all eternity. Oh yeah, and Lemmy was grounded forever for being good! And also, Alex Trebek said to the Mushroom Kingdom people and the Koopa Clan in the crazy house, "I'm Alex Trebek! Let's play Jeopardy!"

Allowance Day: Smash 48, Pikachu, Alex, Mewd, Jon, Lady T.,

The day was Saturday, the day that all seven Koopa Kids have been waiting for. Allowance Day! But they didn't get any. Bowser yelled, “Get lost!” and sent them to their rooms. Then each of the KoopaKkids planed to get back at Bowser. They all snuck into Bowser's wallet when he wasn't looking and took all his money. Then they spent it all on candy, gum, and sugar snacks and then they got really hyper. Bowser got mad at them so he ate all the sugar that was left in the kingdom and got really hyper and started smashing stuff with  trashcans and so did the Koopalings.

The Axem Rangers jumped out of the trash cans and tried to hit Bowser, but Bowser made them drink some ultra sweet sugar pop and they became hyper and helped smash stuff with trash cans. But then somebody threw a trash can at Mario and he went insane and forced everyone to take sleeping pills. But they continued and eventually wrecked the entire castle and continued into the Mushroom World. Mario decided that looked fun, so he ate all of Luigi's hidden candy stash. Mario started to go hyper and when Luigi found out Mario ate his candy, he ate all of Mario's M & M Minis. But M & M Minis can't be contained and Luigi was flown out of his house and high into the stratosphere for some one to save. Then Mario joined the Koopas in a trash can fight, then Peach walked out of the castle and yelled, “Hey! These M & M minis are searching for a mouth! Eat before they destroy Luigi!”

No one seemed to care and the M & Ms just dropped Luigi and he fell about a million feet into Wendy's lap! Then Wendy got posed by a ghost and she said Luigi was handsome and started kissing him. Luigi screamed words not fit for print and tried to get away.Wendy saw Susan come in. She was possessed too. Then Susan thought Luigi was cute too so she grabbed his arm and Wendy grabbed his other arm and they both pulled and Luigi said, “Make a wish.” Luigi then got possessed as well. Luigi started kissing Wendy and Susan.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Everyone went insane and started kissing the nearest member of the opposite sex.

Two months later, Wendy and Susan gave birth to five baby Koopa/humans. They named them Spike, Idiot, Mistake, Stupid, and Moron. They all became plumbers. They all liked to wear cheesy stupid overalls with caps that had the first letter of their name on them. They all got fired after their firstday as plumbers because they blew up Town Hall by putting grenades in the toilet! Well, at least they thought it was funny. They then got new jobs as chefs at a Chinese food diner but one of them became the mayor of Los Angeles. (That only proves how weird this story is becoming.) Then Luigi and Wendy and all the other characters snapped out of it after that long and Luigi screamed and wet himself. Then Wendy and Susan checked themselves into a mental hospital. The rest of the Koopalings got 1,000,000 coins.

One day Mario raided the fridge and the Marios were out of food and were out of money.

Mario: We didn't make one cent off of that dating service

Luigi: And the FBI is after us becuase of the million dollars we took from the bank to get it started.

Mario and Luigi walk to the Koopa Mart (a food store run by Koopas). Mario pushed his huge nose against the window and drooled,.then a real rich guy walked by and mario grabbed him begged for food.

Mario: Please give me money! I haven't eaten for the last three minutes!

Rich Guy: Ahhhhhh!!! A monster. (He sprays Mario with mace.)


Mario was rolling around on the floor screaming while luigi scoped out a help wanted sigh on the side of the store.

Luigi: lets get a new job.

Mario: Oh? Like what?

Luigi: You like food so much how about we work at the Koopa Mart?.

Cut to Mario and Luigi walking into Lemmy's office with will work for food signs...

Lemmy: Have you ever really worked before?

mario: No, but I'm hungry.

Lemmy: Will you be our slaves froced to do stupid jobs for small amonts off food?

Mario: Sure!

Lemmy: You're hired!

Mario was put to work at one of those free sample tables while Luigi cleaned up any messes that happened. Mario was geting out of control though.

Mario: One for you, sunny.

Mario looked left to right and no one' was looking.

Mario: And one for me.

Mario ate one sample of the meat he was giving out.

Mario: Umm, yummy! One for you.

Mario handed a kid one sample.

Mario: And five for me!

Mario ate five samples. Mario repeated this for a while, increasing the amont of meat he tossed into that huge hole mario calls a mouth. Meanwhile Luigi was scooping waste of the floor.

Luigi: Stupid kids...

Roy smashed through the door and started to scream "work faster!" Meanwhile, Mario had eaten all the meat, cereal, and pastries. Then suddenly Lemmy walked in to check on how everyone was doing. Luigi was odediently cleaning up, even though he would of pounced on lemmy if he had the chance.

Lemmy: Good work, Luigi!

Then Lemmy went to check on Mario.

Lemmy: Hey Mario, how are the free samples coming?

But then Lemmy realized mario had eaten almost everything in the store.

Mario: Burp! Oh hi *hic* Lemmy. How ya doin?

Lemmy: GRRRRRR.......

Lemmy was redder than the tomatoes that Mario had devoured ten seconds ago.


Mario: But...what did I do?

Lemmy then collasped on the floor because mario was such an idiot. Lemmy got up and started chasing Mario with a pitchfork.

Mario: Ha ha, you can't catch me without your ball!

Then Mario runs into the back of the store where they kept flamable childern's sleepware.

Lemmy: You're fired Mario!

Then the childers sleepware caught on fire for no reason.

Lemmy: Uh-oh. Fire! Fire! Help! Someone save me! I hate fire!

Mario: Woo-hoo! A fire! Just what i needed!

Mario pulled a bag of marshmellows out of his pocket that he had snuck from aisle four. He also grabbed skewers that he grabbed from aisle two.Lemmy suddenly fainted when luigi came in, and he grabbed the marshmellows and ran off. Mario ran after him but Luigi runs super fast..Then Roy came out of the meat aisle with bbq sauce on his face and then he tripped Luigi and grabbed the marshmellows.


Then Roy punched Luigi in the face. Luigi started crying and wet himself. But Mario kept chasing him. Somehow Lemmy made it out of the flames and started chasing after them too.He stepped on Mario, squishing him, and pinned Roy. He then quickly took the marshmellows when suddenly the flames spread! All the flames started spreading everywhere.


Then Mario grabbed a phone and yelled.

Mario: What is the number for 911?

Luigi just slapped himself on the face. Roy grumbled, but Lemmy startedshouting.

Lemmy: You IDIOT!!! THE NUMBER FOR 911 IS 911!!!

Mario: Oh... how do you spell it?

Lemmy then fainted because Mario was so stupid. Mario pushed 1 800 collect and yelled.

Mario: Get me 911!

Guy: Hello, if you're calling to the police, push 1, if you're calling to enter the contest push 2!

An hour later the store was completely on fire everywhere and Mario was still on the phone.

Guy: If you have a problem and need help push 4123.

Mario pushed it.but then the phone wire caught on fire and he got disconnected. Then Mario started to cry, and Luigi wet himself. Lemmy started burning up, and Roy was sufficating. Just then Morton walked in.

Morton: Ah, what wonderful heat. Hi Lemmy, Roy, Mario, Luigi, how come there is food all over the place? Oh well, I will just enjoy this-

All: SHUT UP!!!

Morton: Umm... ok... Maybe I'll just get myself a snac- AHHHHHH!!! FISH!!! I HATE FISH!!!

Suddenly Morton screamed bloody murder and then the fish burst into flames!

Morton: that's better.

Then morton caught on fire.


Morton dropped to the floor and tried to stop drop and roll but that set the floor on fire. Morton was consumed by the flames. Morton was nothing but a pile of ashes. Suddenly Ludwig walked in.

Ludwig:HA HA HA! Now with my siblings burning up, I can take over all their lands!HA HA!

Suddenly a warp pipe popped out of nowhere and some of the flames jump intp it.

Ludwig: Ummmm... where did that warp pipe lead to?

Lemmy: Cough....Pipe Land...

Ludwig: Oh... PIPE LAND!? ACK!!! THATS MY LAND!!! But all my pipes are made of rubber (got them from a Rubber Maid catalog).


Mario: Oh, I don't think I should of had those ten cases of beans.

Luigi: MARIO, DON'T BLOW!!! It's flamable! And whe'll all explode!

Mario: I was just kidding.

Then a gas truck full of gas pulled up next to the Koopa Mart.


Lemmy ran lickity-split out of the store to the gas truck.

Lemmy: Drive away! Go someplace else! Shoo! Beat it! Scram!

Driver:Grrrr... no one tells me to go away when I don't feel like it!

Then the driver grabbed Lemmy and tossed him into the store.Then the driver got out of his truck and walked across the street to a gas station on the other side.Then some of the fire started heading towards the truck.


Mario: What aisle is the pasta in?

All but Mario:Uggg...

Then a fire truck pulled up outside and a fire fighter walked into the store.

Fire Fighter: Hi,would you like to support your local fire staion?

Lemmy: No, I would NOT like to support your stupid fire station!  Can't you seethere is a fire here?! We need fire fight- oh, you are fire fighters... hehe...

Then Lemmy got on his hands and knees and starts groveling at the fireman's feet.


Fireman: No way jose! If you're not gonna support us then we're not putting out the fire!

Then the fireman left.



Everyone stared at Lemmy and started snickering.

Lemmy:What are you *sniff* looking at?

Mario grabbed a jar of miracle whip and handed it to lemmy.


Mario dropped the jar and it broke open and it got all over the floor and somehow hardened!

Mario: Oops.

Luigi: Can't move feet ,must get out of store!

All of the miracle whip got on the Koopa Kids' feet and Luigi's shoes and they were stuck to the floor.

Mario: How about I do a rain dance?


Roy: Hey Mario, why don't you eat all this miracle whip?

Mario:Well... ok.

Mario licked it and then tried to jump back.

Mario: Yuck!

All:Now what?

Lemmy: Hey Mario, you're wearing shoes! why don't you undo them and then grab something to get us outta here?!

Mario undid his shoes and walked around the store.

Lemmy: Mario,get some water!


Mario came back with some fire logs from aisle 12 and dumped them on the fire.

Mario: Happy now?



Mario walked off to the nearest school house and sat in a desk in the Kindergarten class.


Mario came back with one of those hats that read idiot.

Mario: I flunked when they asked how to make an "A".

Luigi: HOW?

Mario: I made an "M"

Luigi: Get us something to put this fire out!

LEMMY: There is a fire stopper thing over there!

Mario grabbed  it and threw it on the ground and it blew up, making the fire bigger.

Mario: THERE!


Mario puts the hat that said stupid back on his head and giggled.


Luigi: Calm down, Lemmy. We'll think of something.


Mario:Okie dokie

Lemmy: I wonder if that was a good idea...

A few miutes later, Mario came back holding the hose.


Mario:You want it?


Mario:Okie dokie.

Mario turned on the hose and squirted lemmy full of water.


Mario: But you said you wanted it.


Mario handed Lemmy the hose but when Lemmy turned it on the spare water pack was empty. Then he started moaning like Woody in Toy Story when the match to light the rocket went out.


Mario was at a white board in the store with a marker in his hand.

Mario:I can spell my name...Watch..

5 minutes later...

Mario: Ummm... what's the number for 'Z'?

Lemmy: Uggg...

Lemmy slapped himself across his face, then mario went out of the store and came back with some gas. Then the gas caught on Mario and he ran around the store screaming words not fit for print. Then a miracle happened! Mario ran into the bathroom and turned the faucit on and put a bunch of tolit paper in the potty and it backed up and water started to go everywhere. But Mario was too stupid to open the door and let the water out.

Mario: Hey, this swimming stuff is fun. Maybe I should go get Lemmy and Roy and whatever my brother's name was to come swim too. Oh yeah, they don't wanna move. They keep calling me an idiot, but what is an idiot anyway?

Lemmy: Mario,where are you?

Mario: I'm swimming...


Mario: This blue splashy stuff...


Mario: Ok, but first...

Mario then took a nearby mop and a plunger. Mario unclogged the toilets, turned off the sinks, and put all the water back with the mop. THEN he opened the door.


Mario:Not today, I cleaned it up so the store wouldn't get all wet. Lemmy: AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Then mario remembered that he was to stupid to know how to turn off a faucit but somehow he did. Then all of a sudden it started to rain outside.


Then it stopped after two seconds.


Then mario went outside and brought back the video game Doom.

Lemmy: HOT!

Mario somehow got the drift that you had to put liquid on fire, so he left and came back with ten gallons of gasoline, then every thing exploded, throwing each one of the characters in a diferent direction. Mario landed in a bakery which he next day blew up. Luigi landed on a beach with lots of cute girls, lemmy landed in the ocean and was eaten by a big fish and prayed for a year and the wale threw him up. Roy landed in jail, nuff said. And everyone was happy besides the Koopas..

The setting is many years before Ginko, Sandslash, Mewd, or anyone else for that matter. Right before Bowser had begun taking over the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time.The Mushrooms around started to grow fungus. Then the planet exploded. Only Kamek was floating around. "Uhhhh." Then Kamek then took all the floating fungus and took it to a new world. "Hahaha, they will never figure out this is Uranus. They will thinks its Plit. HAHAHA!"

Then evolution kicked in and the Mushrooms grew fat arms and legs and after a billion years they learned how to make fire but they started a huge fire and threw a few hundred wheels into the fire and then boom! "I told you not to put gas in the fire!" yelled Toad the First.

"Ummm... throwing gas at fire is bad?" asked Rod.

After two more days they had flying cars and hovering buildings.Business and economics rose and the stocks were going crazy. Toad the First went to the stocks in his business suit. "6 on 18-G! Just gimme gimme gimme!"

Then the year 10 rolled around and the Y10K bug destoryed everything using a computer and everything became (the next day) like what the Mushroom Kingdom is now. "It's all your fault Rod!" Toad screamed.

"Shut up!" snapped Rod.

"You made the Y10K bug!" Toad continued.

Rod smiled. "Yeah, neat, isn't it?" (Rod is a Mushroomer that was Toad's best freind at one time)

The next day flying cars and hovering buildings were back up. In his lab, Toad found the cure for every diesase. Then Rod came into the room and started throwing the jars of explosive chemicals at Toad. Everything blew up and then the next day everything was back. Toad made the cures again but Rod stole them and selled them. He called them "Root beer". Later that year Rod found a tablet made the previous week about an evil force so powerfull that all would be chaos. Rod smiled and went looking for the creature. The next day the air was black and the air was filled with smoke from the businesses. Every animal was dead and the population kept decreasing.Then things got worse. Rod found a lost temple (made three days ago). Rod opened the door and inside was the giant monster... it was...Bowser! That's right folks, Rod had unleashed that terrible force that spelled doom for every Mushroomer. Bowser buried Rod deep in the tomb and destroyed the medicines. He then spread the viruses that had been killed b ythe medicine, and many Mushroomers turned into Goombas. It looked like doom. Just when all the Mushroomers thought they had met their match, something strange happend. A few lizards and other reptiles, such as dinosaurs, evolved into Yoshis! At first the Mushroomers were scared, but they found out they could be helpful. Since they had long tounges, they could quickly lap up the Goombas. But they couldnt do this forever. The Mushroomers thought they were again doomed when they found a book that told them hope was in the non-lost temple. They went there and saw a whip with ancient writing above it.

"When a problem comes along, you must whip. Whip it good."

They picked it up and the temple started to fall apart and trolls ran by with guns.

"This is weird," Peach noted.

Then a huge stone fell on the trolls.Anyway, they left and bought some magical beans. They planted them and out sprouted the Marios! But Mario and Luigi were still babies. The Mushroomers would need to protect them until they were old enough to be of help. They sent the babies by stork to two wise Mushroomers who were to be foster parents. But on the way a Kamek was going by. Suddenly a flying DeLorean flew by and hit Kamek. "Marty! Do you knew what you've done! You may have wrecked the future!" screamed Kamek,

Then the DeLorean sped of and smashed into a tree and exploded. Anyway, the stork got to the house and tried to squeeze all three babies though the door but one's head exploded. "Uh oh, there goes Mark Mario. And he was the strongest of the three!"

Mario cried because he was hungry, and because there was too much attention going to his dead brother. When no one came, he started to eat anything he could find, like bread and cheese and cyannide. Mario was never sane again. Then Luigi mixed drugs with Vinager and drank it.and he got horrible gas. Then he gave some to Mario. Because it would take forever to write all that occured when they were kids we're just going to skip all the way too when there older. Mario and Luigi were now super heroes. Their job today was to explore a new cave. They went inside and Kamek came out. "I am the monster, from Uranus!"

"Does that mean you have horrable gas like us?" asked Mario.

Luigi asked, "And how can you be from our-"

"Oh, shut up!" snapped Kamek. "I'll put a whoping big curse on you that will ummmm...."

Later that day...

"I know, I'll... oh crud! I forgot."

Later Kamak remembeed his curse and it was to turn them into Bowsers. So the Mario Brothers fused into one Bowser. Meanwhile with Bowser, Bowser turned into the Mario Brothers. This made Bowser have extreme gas. But Mario and Luigi still had to do there duty even if they looked like a geeky lizard. Bowser now had double the power and was using power ups to wreak the town. The Mario Brothers went to a party and got drunk and somehow get under the influence that evil was good and started to act like the last Bowser. This made Bowser good and good became evil and vice versa and if you don't under stand go back to playing with wooden blocks or something. Now the new Super Marios went to save the day but when they got to the cave Luigi and Mario suddenly fell in love with a bypassing poor women. "I'll shine your shoes for food!" Mario kissed her and she started to spit.

"Now you'll have to pay the 4235252345235235.44 fine for tonching me!" shrieked the girl.

Later, in a court room, Mario was convicted of kissing her and was sent to jail. Mario pointed at Luigi."What about him?!"

Luigi was making out with Princess Toadstool. Luigi got up and was wearing a king's crown. "I'm geting married to her, so there!" laughed Luigi, while he stuck out his tounge.

"This isn't fair, call me a lawyer!" whined Mario.

"Ok, you'[re a lawer!" grinned Luigi.

Mario looked confused. "Thank you, errr, I mean, get me a lawyer!"

"Get one yourself!" snapped Luigi.

"No, you get it!" insisted Mario.

Mario was sent to jail for talking back to the king. Mario got fed up with jail life after the first three seconds and smashed the stone wall down and ran out. He ran around outside for a while until he tripped on a rock and smashed into a huge stone block with a ? on it.and out came a Mushroom. It started moving away from Mario and Mario licked his lips and ran after it. After two hours of running after it, it  went into a huge cave filled with Yoshie eggs. Mario smiled. "Goodie, lunch!" Mario got a pan out and started cooking a Yoshi egg but when he cracked it a Yoshi popped out and beat Mario up. Evolution stinks!" Mario shouted.

A little Yoshi came up to Mario and said, "Please refrain from unnecessary hysteria, it shall break my eardrums."

"Wow! Yoshis have evolved!" Luigi stared with glee.Then they found a cave of Yoshis and Mario tried to eat them but Luigi got a hammer out and knocked Mario out cold. "We got to get these eggs to Toad!" decided Luigi.

"After I eat them," said Mario.

Luigi hit Mario again. "How are we going to get them to Toad?" Luigi pondered.

"I suggest that you make a back starp that connects to a large wheeled vehicle and go back and get some adult Yoshis to help pull," The littleYoshi they had met earlier suggested.

Mario began to work on it but he was too stupid and it ended up being a rock with a leaf on top of it. Then the little Yoshi sent Mario to Kindgarten but he flunked and came back. Then the little Yoshi made the wagon. Mario was too stupid to know what to do with it so he smashed it up against the side of his head and he conked out. Suddenly Luigi came back with the adult Yoshis and he was having an intellegent conversation with them. Mario got mad and went to sleep. Luigi then went back to the kingdom with the yoshis. Yeah! There was a revolution in the Mushroom Kingdom, and they elected GASP! Bowser! and somehow bowser was a nice guy and was the first politician to be honest and keep his word, but Mario and Luigi came with a heard of Yoshis and attacked Bowser. Mario thought Bowser was pasta, so he tried to eat him, but Yoshi ate him first and everyone got mad and a bunch of the men ran after the Marios and Yoshis with axes, shovels, and pitc forks. "What'd we do?" asked Mario.

Everyone hated the Marios from then on in and made stupid stories like this one. And that's how they saved the kingdom. The end.

TMS slammed the book shut and yelled "Go to bed now"! Then a kid said "no" and TMS threw the book at him. Then they went to bed.

Luigi and Mario decided to open a dating service because the plumbing business was in bad condition. "This had beter pull some cash in, Mario, or you'll be eating my fist in a second!" threatened Luigi.

"Luigi, trust me," Mario assured his brother. "The first three couples who walked in that door got a free cruise to an island of some kind. Then sales will boom!"

"Are you sure?" Luigi asked.

"No, but the bank won't miss the 5000 dollars we took to get this place started," Mario answered.

Then a couple walked in the door and it was Toad. "Hey! I want a blind date! !%#!ers!"

"Hey-a! Shut the !%#-a up! Fine! Wait! With who?"

"What! Anyone! No fat chicks!"

Mario took Toad to three doors. "You get a date by picking some one behind one of these doors."

Toad considered, "I'll pick the ****** door number three."

Mario swung the door open and there was a mule.

"He ha!" said the mule.

Toad screamed, "What the ******!"

"Toad, stop swearing!" insisted Luigi. "We're trying to keep it under G rating."

Toad: I'll ****** as much as I want to ******..."

Hours pased of  Toad swearing bad words and stuff. "And another thing! You're both *********!" screamed Toad.

Mario smiled. "Congratz, you and your date have won a trip to some island aboard the S.S Mario Bucket!"

"*****!" Toad shrieked.

Luigi contined. "You will be locked in a room with your date for a day and then let loose on the island for a day. Then you'll come back with no money."

"I thought it was free!" screamed Toad.

mario: it is but the island is full of cut trought pierates!mario and luigi grab toad and the mule and push them threw a trash shot thatleads to the s.s. mario bucket.luigi: NEXT!the next person to walk in the door was...Axem Red. "I WANTA DATE!""Okay!"Luigi took Axem Red to 3 colored doors."Red, BLue, or Yellow!""I want Red!"behide it was axem pink!red: what the heck are you doin here!pink: what the heck are you doing here!red: I wanted a date!pink: I wanted a date!red: stop repeating every thing I say!pink: stop repeating every thing I say!they turn away from each other and luigi and mario pick them both up andtosses them down the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OH NO MY MAKE UP, I lEFT MY MAKE UP! WE HAVE TOTURN BACK!RED: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!mean whist toad landed in a bucket (literly!)and he was floating off in a bucket with a donkey!toad: this is a buch of ******!donkey: HE HA!toad grabs the donkey by the neck and starts chokeing it. All the 7koopalings wanted a double double +1 date.luigi screamed and (try to guess)him self.mario whispers to luigi: we don't have that many girls!luigi: well we have four more and a monkey will that be enoth.mario: I think wed need two more.luigi: how about ou and me date them?mario hits luigi then mario starts kickig him in the groin and then a fistfight brakes out.Get a FREE Buy It! button and start selling from your message boardFind other message boards in the "RecreationLeisure_GamesOther" categoryBrowse a list of categories Search for other message boardsFrequently Asked Questions for message board administratorsMessage board administration areaSubmit your site to 100+ directoriesLemmy's Camp Fire TalesKoopaWednesday, 28-Jul-1999 16:59:5924.4.54.57 writes:They stop and send the 7 koopa kids to 7 doors. Larry opened the first one.Aroara!(MEANWHILE AT TMS's, SANDASLASH AND TMS ARE WATCHING THIS ON A TV SHOW)Sandslash spits out his drank all over the TV set."HEY!"(BACK IN HE DATING PLACE)ludwig opens his door and it was monkey.ludwig: what the ****! the monkey jumps on ludwig and he falls down.mean while sand slash threw TMS's TV out the window and was on his way tothe dateing place.on the way sand slash see's a long line in front of the shop.Wendy opened her door to find a mirror. Morton found Star Koopa(AT MEWDS)"What the @#%$!"(BACK AT THE SHOP) Iggy opened his and Lemmy was on the other side. mewd gets so angry that he starts tareing apart the TV then heads to the dateing shop and see's sandslash in line.mewd: mind if I have cuts?sand slash looks at his angryly and kicks him. back in the shop.lemmy: you sick-iggey: osRoy: opened his and it old box of rustt nails!Now the Mario brothers told them all were theirgoing (There going together)mario: your going to... the sewer system!yes you'll be thrown in to a world covered in sewege for a two night stay!just then sand slash and mewd got to the end of the line ( they kick somebut to get there).But it was too late, tey alreadyleft.(BACK WITH TOAD)"NO! MY !#%$!ING COINS! IDIOT SEVANTS!"The pirates looked back and started walking toawrds toad. back with the now you'th done it! you 'th really done it!'pink: what? red: were lost a sea!pink: oh do you know what this means?pink: we have to make out?red looks at pink and yells at her for saying this is pose to be g rated!pink: so?back at the shop.mewd: you what?!sand slash: you mean to tell us that you flushed them down the tolit?mario: well yes.luigi: they got the free trip to the sewer.mewd: how could you fit roy in it?mario: we have a REALLY BIG TOLIT!then...Sando and Mewd decided to get blind dates for a double date. Mewd went tohis door it opened and out popped a hot female mewd. Suddenly the ratingchanged to PG. Then out of Sandslashes door popped a really hot girl with ashirt that so big her shirt sleeves go past her hands. Suddenly the rating changes to PG-13.mewd wasn't to sure about this.back one the island toad wads rideing the donkey trying to get away from thepirates.toad: **** you pirates! toad rides the donkey into a near by cave where there was a makeout bed. "YES!"Back witht he koopa kids, Iggy and Lemmy were Smooching. Ludwig was tryingto keep the monkey from throwing things in the seqwage. Wendy had troublewith the mirror. Aroara tried to have fiun with Larry. Morton was smoocjingwith Star Koopa. And Roy was..takeing a pit stop.Roy: much better.back at the axem party pink was trying to get red to kidd her but she had noluck.mean while back at the shop...Luigi accidentally let the computer set on ffire.Mario was tellign Sando and emwd were they were going. They get to go to anamusement park! mewd started to wounder.mewd thinking to him self: it's not posple I tell you Im sopose to be theonly mewd.mewd out loud: I don't feel right about this. just then mario picked up the hole lot of them and put them in a cannon.mewd: wait I have to talk to st.... just then mario fires the cannon andthey fly off. back in the swear...Iggy and Lemmy were smooching big time, Wendy started hugging the mirror,Ludwig hugged the monkey, Morton was really smooching Star Koopa, and Larrywas talking to Aroara. And Roy was..playing with the box of blots and nails.Roy: ahhhh I cut my **** fingure!Larry: wach it were still trying to keep it under G.Roy: to late for that!mean whist mewd flet a desterpice.MEWD: what the!hope I don't get sew for this.he flet a diterpice in the froce.MEWD: HE's KISSING HER!mean whist on the island...Toad had escaped the islan on a donkey.toad: swim you *****ing donkey swim!mean whist back with the axem's...Axem Pink is trying to kiss Axem Red. Axem Red punchs Axem Puink in the face. "YOu Little !%$#!" Axem pink kicks Axem Red in the groin.mean whist. mewd: sorry got to split.mewd chags crouse and flys back to the shop.the other mewd has a evil look and flys back to.then...Sando decides to go back. meanwhiel with The Koopalings... just then is theseawer mewd crashs threw the top of the man hole!mewd: st....just then a sleeping drat hits mewd in the back of the head and mewd fallsalseap.the hot girl mewd had a blow dart gun in her hand.girl mewD: time to lose digise digise!she rips the degise off and revele that it's mega mew!mega mew: he he!Meanwhile, the MArio Bros. couldnt put out the fire and their dating serviceburned downluigi: it's all your falut mario! mario: how so?luigi: your the one who said to start a fire near a gas stion. mario: did not.luigi: did so!mario: not!luigi: so!a hour laterboth: not so not so not so not so not so.a fist fight begens then they start kicking each other then throw trash cansat each other. Mario kicks Luig and Luigi kicks Mario in the groin at thesame time.they both fall down then the bank owner comes by with the owner guy: there they are the hoodlems that took all the banks money!F.B.I. agent: come with me. nothing to see here floks these two will be seenin cort on juge judy tomarow.don't miss it!he drags the brothers off. Meanwhiel with the Koopa Kids, Sta Koopa was really kissing with Morton.Aroara hugged Larry, Roy tried to kiss the naiils, Wendystarted kissing themirror. And Iggy and Lemmy were getting some intense kissing action. (sandslahs wrote that last line)mega mew drags mewd's corcise out of the seawer and no one cares.mewd gains enoth power to say one word.mewd: star koop....mega mew take mew out and starts beeting him with a a dog that was standingnear by.whack ,arp! whack, arp! star koopa: stop hurting that poor dog!mega mew: ok.he picks up a cat and use's it to hit mewd with.then...Iggy And Lemmy keep kissing. mega Mewd sees them. "SICK!" Mega Mewdexploded.mewd gets up barely able to move and still week from the sleep dart.mega mewhad exploded (Some how) but mewd knew he'd see him again.mewd: star koopa!mean whist.mario: your oner we haven't done any thing wrong!judy: I'll be the juge of that first witnes!toad walks threw the door on crochs.luig *****!mario: ****!toad ah **** you both!judy: this is a G rated story no swearing!judy: that's IT THE THREE OF ONE GO TO JAIL FOR FIVE YEARS OR TILL YOU ALLGET OFF SWEARING!toad: were ******!judy: 5 then!mario: d****!judy: SIX TAKE THEM AWAY!LUIGI: WOW SHE CAN COUNT!toad: punchs luigi and they get draged off.back with mewd and star koopa...Mewd was so mad at star koopa he was punching her in the face and throughingher at the walls. HE kepot doing this until her face was bloody and ahe wasscreaming.then mewd stoped when she screamed then star koopa got up and walked over tomewd and...cried. Mewd started hitting her again.Meanwhile Toad had escaped and ran off.Meanwhile Axem Red had gagged Axem Pink and threw her away and escaped.mean whist mewd stops again and star koopa gets up again walks up to mewdthey smacks him with tat cat!Morton: Wedding cake!the word wedding poped into star koopa's head.mewd said sorry then star koopaTMS was sueing the Mario Bros. because the money they had stolen was hislife savings, that and he owned stock in the bank."YOU IDIOTS! YOU STOLE MY MONEY! I'M GONNA GET YOU! I'M GONNA SUE, YOU HEARME, SUE!" TMS was being held back by his lawyer while yelling at the MarioBros., who are in stripes.(A Week Later)Mewd and Star Koopa are STILL appologizing to each other!Morton was hospitalized.TMS got his money back and more because he DID sue the Mario Bros. With themoney he opened a collage shop.Sandslash forgave Aroara, and they lived happily ever after, until.....And Lemmy and Iggy got married and went on a honeymoon (sand slash again).Only thing left was MEwd and Star Koopa, and the Axem Rangers, because Pinkcaught up with Red.then star koopa and mewd.... started kissing on he floor."Morals Shmorals baby!"every one went hom expect ludwig ( he liks the monkey) but what about themario's?mario luigi and toad were in a cell in jail.then a pyshco thrapis guy comes in and tries to help them stop thereswearing.toad: oh yeah?toad jumps on him and puts his head in the toylit and starts flushing him.Mario: shouldn't we do some thing?Luigi: ***** no this is enertanment. Luigi grbas an orb from under thechair. "Hey, this orb is gonna explode and destroy the earth in 1 second.toad takes it and jams it down marios mouth and then it goes boom but instedof explodeing it gave mario some major gas.Luigi: great(cogh) all (cogh) we (cogh) need ( cogh) now is (cogh) a mach.back with the others the koopa lings took over the dateing servis axem redand pink were found 50 days later on the island of doom and mewd star koopawere at some place that no one has ever herd of and sand slash went back to the carnavil.back with the mario's...Luigi lights a mtach.then the bigest exploseion ever on the planet plit.the mario's and toad are thrown miles away. mean while.some how every main charter of this story were all in the same place (acoffie shop) ( I hate coffie!) and the marios and toad land on the shop.They all have some coffee and discus about the story. "Hey! I get the last word!" Toad said."#!@$#!"