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How to Get a GameCube

So you want a GameCube, but all your local toy stores are sold out, and so are Amazon and GameStop. eBay has lots of GameCubes, if you want to pay an incredible amount of money for one. You could try to wait until the price comes down or they become more easily available... but you might pass out by then! What can you do?!

I have done some research, and it looks like I have found some great deals. I wish I had done this before I myself went and paid an exorbant amount of coins on eBay! Well, it's too late for me, but maybe there is still time for you.

GameCube: If you are looking for the GameCube system itself, the best offer I have found is at JCPenney's online store. The system sells in Indigo, and appears to be in stock for $279.99. I don't know if it's available in Jet Black but c'mon, does the color really matter? While that price is considerably higher than the suggested retail price of $199.99, it includes one game (your choice, Smash Melee, Wave Race Blue Storm, or Pikmin), worth $49.99, and you save some shipping by buying them both together, so it is only slightly more expensive than at the other stores that are sold out. Even with the game, this is the cheapest price I have found for an in stock GameCube online, with or without extras.

Games: If you are looking for games, you may want to look at They have every GameCube game that I am aware of in stock, and their prices are considerably lower than other stores that don't even have them. does not sell accessories or the system, as far as I can tell.

Accessories: If you are looking for accessories, you may want to look at Datavision. Not only does this store have every GameCube item I am aware of in stock, except for the GameCube itself, but their prices are below the suggested retail price, even though other stores like Amazon don't have these things. They even have the controller in the rare orange color (Did you know it came in Spice orange?), for the same lower price as the other controllers. Datavision's prices for games are slightly higher than's, but still lower than most other stores. If you are looking to buy both games and accessories, I'd suggest you buy them all at Datavision because the amount you'll save on shipping by buying from one store rather than two should cover the difference in the prices of the games you're buying... unless you're buying many games at once.

Now, just to be safe...

Disclaimer: The reason these stores are selling things cheap and have these things in stock is because they are lesser known and, perhaps, less trustworthy. If you buy from any of the stores listed above and receive an incorrect or disfunctional item, or no item at all, or if you are mischarged, or if the item is not actually in stock, or if anything bad happens whatsoever, I am not responsible and may not be held as such. You buy from these retailers at your own risk. However, as long as you are buying with a credit card, you should be able to dispute the charge with your credit card company if you receive a broken item or none at all or are mischarged, so you should be able to get the charge corrected, with perhaps a small fine. Overall, it is probably safe, but I need to make sure that I am not liable.

In the event that these stores do end up being out of stock - after all, now all my tourists will be rushing there - you can find many other online stores, as well as the ones above, through Yahoo!. Just go to Yahoo!, ask it to search for the name of the item you want, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page it brings up. There will be a link that says "Yahoo! Shopping". Click on that link and Yahoo! will present a selection of online stores for you to look through. The ones I listed on this page were the ones I felt gave the best deals, but if they are unavailable some other stores also had good deals, plus my idea of "best deal" may not be the same as yours. Shop around, get a good price, and enjoy your GameCube!

Do you know any other good ways to get a GameCube, games, or accessories? Other than stealing, LOL! (Now why didn't I try that?) Email me! I will post your suggestions here.

Lakitu 2000 knows a way! If you live in Canada you may already know this, but if you live near Canada, this might be perfect for you. He writes: Well, people could come up here to Canada. It's about $300 plus taxes, or about $180 US, as you get about 40 cents for your dollar, making it really cheap. Games are about $70, less in American dollars, and in every Wal-Mart or video game store there's at least ten copies not reserved, in stock every week! If you don't live close to Canada I don't suggest driving up here, but for those people that are literally on the line it's a short drive and there's a few right across the border!

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