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Lemmy's Scribbles: The next part of Well, Why?: Edition One, by Wendy O. Koopa!

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LORD SETH interviews SMITHY, by Lord Seth.

LORD SETH interviews LUDWIG VON KOOPA, by Lord Seth.

MISTY KOOPA interviews ROY, by Misty Koopa.

LEMMY interviews FIRE CHOMP, by John.

LORD SETH interviews CHEEP CHEEP, by Lord Seth.

LORD SETH interviews BOOM BOOM, by Lord Seth.

CRAZY PACKERS FAN interviews BUZZY BEETLE, by Crazy Packers Fan.

LORD SETH interviews BIG BERTHA, by Lord Seth.

LORD SETH interviews BOB-OMB, by Lord Seth.

LORD SETH interviews BOWYER, by Lord Seth.


Fun Fiction:

The Search for 120 Stars, by Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader.


Win, Lose, or Draw, by Hip.

Ludwig's Behavior Phaser, by Hip.


LLST3K with Larry and his Plants, by Smash, Mewd, King Bowser, and Reno.

Ludwig's Koopa Carols, by Hip.

Torture and Trauma, by Axem Leader.

Some Guy Named Bob, by Hip.

Mario Bakes a Cake, by Seihi.



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Larry's Tourist Bios:



List of Baddies:

Mario 3 Power Ranking, by Crazy Packers Fan.



Mario Cartoons:

Attack of the 50-Foot Big Mouth, by Hip.

Up, Up, and a Koopa script, submitted by Hip.

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Lemmy's Reviews:

Super Mario All-Stars Review, by Ludwig 222.

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Roy's Sports Hall: (3) (2) (1)

Level One, Battle Forty-nine - November 10, 2001 to November 17, 2001

You are the tourists that indirectly run my Land. That's right, because now you are part of the Lemmy's Land Administration. Six of you Super Koopas, the ones who have earned the most Koopaling votes and accepted, will be voting on issues that I present to you. One of you will be the chairman and can propose issues. The rest of you Super Koopas can't vote but you can see the issues and influence the voters. If you want to get something done around my Land, Email me, or Email the voting Super Koopas!

In issues that I present, all six voters do their thing. A no vote (abstention) means the negative or no change. In case of a tie, the Vicewendy votes. The majority side wins. In issues that the chairman proposes, the other five Super Koopas and the Vicewendy vote. This route must receive a unanimous vote. I will not accept bills that limit my power are expands the power of the adminstration, and my Land can not be made unfit for The Site Fights. I hold ultimate power and can end or change the administration as I find fit.

Issues will be listed here, so to see them, you know where to go (here). If you are a voter, you need to Email me your vote on or before the day I list after the issue.

The chairman is Sandslash. The other five voting Super Koopas are Smash, Blackbelt, Mewd, Specter, and Wario.The Vicewendy is Wendy.

Here are the current issues to be voted on:

Issue 1: On her request based on the opinion that they are bad, should Vicious grrl's pictures be removed from Lemmy's Art Museum? Please respond yes or no by Emailing me by Sunday, 11/12. This issue was proposed on me and either requires four of the base six votes for three of the base six votes and the Vicewendy's tiebreaking vote.

Issue 2: Should Super Koopas who declined to become voters be able to serve in the future? Please vote either yes when they pass the Super Koopa ahead of them, yes immediately upon request, or no they can never serve by Emailing me by Sunday, 11/12. This issue was proposed on me and either requires four of the base six votes for three of the base six votes and the Vicewendy's tiebreaking vote.

These are the tourists that indirectly run my Land. That's right, because now they are part of the Lemmy's Land Administration. Six of these Super Koopas, the ones who have earned the most Koopaling votes and accepted, will be voting on issues that I present to them. One of them will be the chairman and can propose issues. The other Super Koopas can't vote but they can see the issues and influence the voters. If you want to get something done around my Land, Email me, or Email the Super Koopas!

* Denotes voting Super Koopa.
** Denotes chairman.
The Vicewendy, who breaks ties and votes in issues raised by the chairman, is Wendy.

So far, the Lemmy's Land Administration is responsible for: nothing, it just started!

I was Site Fights Champion three weeks straight! I qualified to participate in the Site Fighter of the Year Tournament, to be held in February 2001! Please vote for me starting February 8.

Rainbow's Adventure, by Rainbow Koopa.

Mario Plus Scissorhands Equals Magrio, by Vicious Grrl.

Sumo Koopa, by Vicious Grrl.

Gooey Creatures, by Vicious Grrl.

Who is This?, by Vicious Grrl.

Birdo, by Vicious Grrl.

Larry and a Plant, by Vicious Grrl.

Larry and, uh, Marge Simpson, by Vicious Grrl.

My First Visit: The Koopas find a long lost cousin, by Derrek Koopa.

Super Mario All-Stars, From My Point Of View, Episode 1: An unusual take of the TV series, by Derrek Koopa.

Hip and Hop are very pleased with themselves.

Big Mouth seems to have something to say.

Bowser's Disgusting Plan, sent in my Rainbow Koopa.

Commercial from The Yoshi Shuffle, sent in by Blackbelt.

You're a Ninjaman, sent in by Blackbelt.

Mario 3 ending.

The Koopa Bros., by Master Samurai Koopa Red.

Lemmy's Scribbles: The first part of Summer Vacation, by Lil Cheep Cheep!

VICIOUS GRRL interviews MARIO, by Vicious grrl.

VICIOUS GRRL interviews LUIGI, by Vicious grrl.

Rainshine... No! Mario, I Mean, by Vicious Girl.

Mario's Adventures: Mario's history is retold, by Starwind Koopa.

TMS's Halves, by The Mario Surfer.


/Luigi's Mansion: The next installment to the Mario series, and the GameCube, is due out November 18. Find out a little about the game and consider the questions I've posted.

Bowser52589 earns 1 vote for Ludwig.

mariocheese earns 1 vote for Morton and Lemmy. earns 1 vote.

Axem Leader earns 9 votes.

Hip earns 2 votes.

Luigi earns 1 vote for Morton.

Crispy earns 5 votes for Larry.

Yoyoshi changes his votes from Morton to Ludwig. earns 1 vote for ???.

Legend story: Larry: I don't wanna be snake food! But I can't run anymore. I have... to... stop... soon.

H.S.: If you do you will be snake food. Just keep runningÖ *cough*

Mei: But I can't, he'll outrun us anyways. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Everyone stopped, for the cavern up ahead was filled with Buzzy and Bitsy Beetles. Buster Beetle somehow wasn't there.

Wendy and Mei: EEWWW, I'm not going in there!

Quadclyde: Then fightsssssss me!!!

Everyone: I guess we have no choice, letís fight!

(place music: Snazzy culex here)

Enter Battle Royale Arena (means fight non-RPG)

Quadclyde: It won't be long before I have dinner! Heheheheh.

Author: Eek, now I have to say everything like an announcer... here goes.

Quadclyde had started the battle by firing a fireball from each head at Lemmy, and he dodged three of them but got hit by one. Lemmy, charred, was completely vulnerable to attack since his ice powers were weak to fire. Wendy sprinted over to Lemmy to protect him as Larry tried to get close enough to hit Quadclyde. Quadclyde sent one head after Larry as they shot three more fireballs heading Ludwig's way.

Ludwig: Let's fight fire with fire! Fire breath attack!

Ludwig launched an attempt to stop all three at one time but only stopped one. He jumped away as he saw his power didn't work, thinking of another plan.

H.S.: My turn! Orbion!!!

Quadclyde turned all four heads at H.S. as he kinda hypnotized them.

Wendy: No body charbroils my brother but King Dad!  Let's see how you like this! Hydros, I hope you're ready to use magic.

Wendy and Hydros: Summon Deadhead!

Deadhead appeared out of nowhere and started spraying ink all over Quadclyde, causing them to regain focus.

Wendy and Hydros: Now let's try Summon Caruban!

Caruban came rushing out of the ground and heaved up a great breath, then yawned at Quadclyde. It wasn't really a yawn though: he was freezing him. H.S. was ready to deliver the final blow when Hydros called out.

Hydros: Don't kill him. He's really good inside, it's the mist controlling him! Just let them sit there frozen; if we stop the source of the mist around here they'll turn good!

Battle Over
Winner: Koopa/H.S. team

Place music Regular Boss in Mario RPG

Mei: Lemmy? Lemmy, are you all right? Please be ok... I know what'll work.

Smooooooooch. Mei kissed Lemmy like it'd heal him.

Lemmy: UhÖ Oh, I'm so sore. Come on, don't let me hold you back. Letís keep going.

So they did continue on, but before advancing they used frozen Quadclyde as a car to get through. About halfway through the cavern Bitsy Beetles started to fly and attack in lines.

Ludwig: How utterly annoying!

Ludwig shot flame breaths at the lines, destroying the Bitsy Beetles, but the odd thing was all the bugs disappeared.

Larry: That's odd, why are we slowing down?

Up in front of all them one big beetle, about the size of Mario, was stopping the icemobile.

Lemmy: Buster... Beetle. You have to stop him!

Wendy: Done, let's go brothers! H.S., you stay here in case something happens.

Buster Beetle: You go further none! Show strength I pass, you die you not leave.

Buster Beetle tried to entangle Larry in a web but luckily he knew how to get out.

Author: Hey! Can't I at least say enter battle here?

Buster Beetle: Sure, I give one second... Done. Now let fight me!

Author: Hrmph.

It did not take long for Wendy to try to summon Deadhead but oddly Buster Beetle was unaffected.

Buster Beetle: Ah, nice bath. Here's my present to you in return. Poison Thread!

A thread came and wrapped all around the warriors, all trying to get out.

Lemmy: I guess I have to fight, H.S.! Get me a Fried Mushroom!

H.S. gave Lemmy a Mushroom that powered him up.

Lemmy: I'm super strong now!  Hey bug bait, prepare for frost!

Lemmy used Frostbite and Buster Beetle was encased in frost.


Place music Bowser in Mario World

A giant snake slithered out from the direction the warriors were traveling at a fast pace.

Mei: ... Oh myÖ Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, run away!

Ludwig: ******, this was not supposed to ******* happen!

Wendy: How dare you?! There's no swearing in this story, don't act like Toad now!

Toad: Only I can ******* swear in this ******* ******* story!

Everyone: ...

By Hip

Koopa Bedtime Stories 2

Larry and Wendy

Bowser walks into to Lemmyís bedroom. Lemmy is waiting in bed.

Bowser: Are you ready to go to sleep?

Lemmy: Uh huh!

Bowser: Then Iím gonna tell you a story about your siblings. Itís called Larry and Wendy! Once upon a time, there was a family where the parents were real mean to their children.

Lemmy gulps.

Bowser: So, they kicked out Larry and Wendy. They forced them to never return, but Wendy decided to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. But some Goombas ate the breadcrumbs and they were lost!

Larry: Great plan, Wendy! Now we are lost and have nothing to eat!

Wendy: Not all is lost! We can get some burgers over there!

Larry: But you hate burgers!

Wendy: Not when Iím hungry!

Bowser: So Wendy ran into the fast food joint and gobbled down all the food she could before getting kicked out.

Larry: You canít just eat all the food! It doesnít belong to you!

Wendy: Yes it does!

Larry: Is your name written all over it?

Wendy: Yes!

Larry: Liar!

Wendy: No, it really is!

Bowser: Wendy pointed to the sign on the restaurant and the packages of food and they clearly said ďWendyísĒ.

Larry: I stand corrected!

Bowser: Larry wanted to eat something, so they went to Red Lobster and-

Lemmy: Get to the gingerbread house already!

Bowser: Fine, weíll do it your way! They were still hungry and they came across a house made of gingerbread and candy in the middle of nowhere. They started munching on the house when an old hag came out.

Hag: What are you kids doing?

Larry: Weíre hungry!

Hag: Very well! Come inside!

Bowser: So, they went inside and the hag fed them all they could eat and even let them sleep there. After a few days, Larry and Wendy had really put on a few extra pounds. But since they had been so hungry, they were back to  their proper weight now. The hag then decided to cook them for some delicious turtle soup.

Lemmy: Eww!

Bowser: The hag cornered Larry as she preheated the oven.

Hag: It is time I revealed my true identity!

Bowser: She took off her mask and there was Princess Peach.

Wendy: Donít cook my brother, Princess!

Bowser: Wendy shoved Peach into the oven and locked her in. Wendy and Larry stole all her money and ran outside. They bumped into their dad who told them that their mom, yeah, thatís it, their mom was the mean one. Then they lived happily ever. The End.

Lemmy: Thanks Dad! Gínight!

Bowser: Gee, that went well! Iím glad Lemmyís so easy to deal with!

Mortonís Weddingcakeitis

By Luigi,

One day, Morton wanted some wedding cake. So, he asked Clawdia to bake one.

Clawdia: Okay, Iíll bake a wedding cake.

Morton: Oh boy! I love wedding cake! Iím gonna get a wedding cake! Iím gonna get a wedding cake! Wedding cakes are delicious, good, yummy-

Roy comes in.


Roy leaves.

Clawdia: Wait aboutÖ four hours.

Morton: GrrÖ Ok.

Morton leaves.

Four hours laterÖ


Clawdia: Itíll be done in 3Ö 2Ö 1Ö (ding!) Done!

Morton: Yes!

Morton eats the wedding cake.

Clawdia: Okay, good huh?

Morton: Yeah- OhÖ I feel sick.

Morton barfs, spits up, burns up, and gets a headache.

Clawdia: That ainít right! Iíve got to take you to the Castle Koopa doctor!

Clawdia and Morton go to Dr. Doc Tur.

Doc: Whatís your problem, Morton?

Morton does the same thing he did before.

Doc and Clawdia: That ainít right!

Morton: Thatís whatís wrong.

Doc: He ate wedding cake, right?

Clawdia: Duh, heís Morton!

Doc: AhÖ a simple case of a common disease: Weddingcakeitis.

Clawdia: Oh dearÖ Whatís it caused by?

Doc: Wedding cake overcooked by oh, sayÖ three seconds?

Clawdia: OopsÖ

Morton: I canít eat wedding cake for how long?

Doc: Three week-

Morton: THREE WEEKS?! OH #$@%!!!


Morton: Sorry, Clawdia.

One day laterÖ

Lemmy: This is the best wedding cake ever! Good thing Morton canít eat it! He just takes it all.

Morton: I want wedding cake!

Clawdia: (to Morton) I overcooked it for three secondsÖ

Morton: He heÖ

Everyone but Clawdia and Morton barfs, etc...

Bowser and Wendy go to the Supermarket

By Hip

Bowser looks in the fridge and sees that itís empty.

Bowser: Everyone, get in here!

The Koopalings, Clawdia, Kamek, Kammy, and all the other guards run into the kitchen.

Bowser: We have no more food! I want any two of you to go do some grocery shopping NOW!

Everyone runs off except for Wendy.

Wendy: You did say shopping, didnít you, King Dad?

Bowser: Uh, yeah, weíll go together!

Bowser is driving the doomship over Dark Land.

Bowser: So, where do you wanna go?

Wendy: Letís go to a Real World supermarket! They have such great selection!

Bowser: You got it, Sweetykins!

The doomship goes through a warp pipe. It comes out in a city in the Real World. He parks the doomship above a supermarket and they climb down and enter the store. Inside they grab a shopping cart and go up an aisle.

Wendy: So, whatís on your shopping list?

Bowser: Shopping what?

Wendy: Well, whaddya wanna buy?

Bowser: Food, of course! Like the kind at home!

They stop at the deli counter.

Bowser: Excuse me sir, Iíll have some salami and a roast chicken!

The worker looks at Bowser and runs off.

Bowser: What kind of service is that?!

Bowser grabs some meat from behind the counter and puts it in the cart.

Wendy: Uh, King Dad, why did you scare him?

Bowser: Itís not my fault people run when they see me!

They go past the dairy section.

Wendy: Well, weíll need to get some eggs, milk and cheese!

Bowser: Hold on a second! We donít need milk! It tastes lousy!

Wendy: Well, I want milk! And the cheese must be imported from Switzerland or Iím gonna scream!

Bowser turns around and notices some policemen walking towards him.

Policeman: Excuse me, Mr. Turtle, please put your hands in the air! Youíre under arrest!

Bowser: Oh yeah, take this!

Bowser scorches them with his fire breath.

Bowser: Okay Sweetsycakes! You can get your milk!

Wendy loads up the cart with groceries and they head up the next aisle.

Wendy: King Dad, can we get cookies?

Bowser: Sure!

Wendy: Which flavor?

Bowser: All of them! Heh heh!

Wendy grabs all the cookies she can and puts them in the cart.

Bowser: Donít forget the cereal!

Wendy: And the soup!

They continue down the aisles until they reach the candy section.

Wendy: Oh boy! Candy galore!

Bowser: I donít know if thereís enough room in the cart!

They grab every package of candy and it towers above them in the cart.

Bowser: Anything else we need?

Wendy: Frozen food!

They head to the frozen food section but some SWAT team members find them.

SWAT Guy: You have until the count of three to surrender or we will open fire!

Bowser opens his mouth.

Bowser: Open!

Bowser breathes his fire all over the place.

Bowser: Fire! Ha ha ha!

Wendy: King Dad, you cooked all the frozen food!

Bowser: Oops, well, we got enough stuff as it is!

They pull over to the checkout counter. It takes them an hour but they finally get everything checked out.

Cashier: Your total comes to $3,410.64!

Bowser hands the cashier a sack of money


Bowser: Gee, I guess some humans are happy to see me!

They return home and have all the food they need.

Bowser: Iím glad thatís over!

Clawdia: But thereís no frozen food!

Bowser: Yeah, well, they had no frozen food!

Clawdia: Well then, you are just gonna go to another store and not return until you buy some frozen food!

Bowser: Couldnít we just freeze the food we have now?

Clawdia: Donít act smart! Just get me some frozen food, now!

Bowser: This is all your fault, Wendy! You made me go to a Real World supermarket! You made me believe they have such great selection! You made me buy Swiss cheese! Iím throwing you in the dungeon!

Bowser chases Wendy.

Bowser: Get back here!

Wendy: Wah, I hate the dungeon! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT!

The Wizard's Keep: 15
Fairy DJanlar: 1
DragonRider: 10

The Wizard's Keep: 17
DragonRider: 10

The Wizard's Keep: 18

The Wizard's Keep: 10
Spirit Sweet Siren: 1
DragonRider: 25