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Lemmy's Card Shop
For Susan's Koopa Trading Card Game

Welcome to my shop! Susan's card game keeps getting better and better, but one thing that hasn't changed is that getting a new deck is an expensive proposition! Getting the cards you want is easy; just Email Susan and pay extravagant amounts of coins to get those cards. Getting the coins is the hard part! I can't help you get coins, but I can help you get the cards you want at reasonable prices.

Here at Lemmy's Card Shop, I currently conduct business in four different ways:

-Buy: You can buy cards from me for keeps for a mutually agreed upon number of coins.

-Trade: I will trade you a card in exchange for mutually agreed upon cards.

-Sell: Need some coins? Offer me some cards in exchange for some.

-Rent: Not sure whether you want a card or not? This option is exclusive to my store. You pay one coin and may rent as many cards as you like for a two week period. You must provide a mutually agreed upon deposit (coins and/or cards) which I will keep if the card(s) you rented is/are not returned.

Special Offers: Sometimes I'll offer a cool deal. Now I have no set prices I can discount, but if I have a special offer then I will consider a trade more flexibly and you'll get away with a lower price (though if you offer a high price, I'll still take it).

10/13/2001: ENDED: No one seems to want to give me a Lemmy Koopa, but maybe someone wants to get a Wendy Koopa. Wendy is ok in moderation... but I have four of her! The screaming is getting to be way too much for me. That is why I am practically giving her away. Take my sister, please!

1/15/2002: And now, the best way ever to get a new deck. Are you tired of the deck you are currently using? Is it just not working for you? Get a new deck, with no hassle! Simply trade me the 70 cards in your old deck in exchange for 70 cards of your choice for a new deck. I probably don't have all 70 cards you want, but Email me or fill out the form below and I will get them for you within only a few days. You must have enough CP to use all the cards you ask for. If you have enough CP, no deck trade will be refused!

Now that you know the options, the really important thing to know is what cards I have in stock! Unlike Susan I can't produce cards, so I have a limited selection of cards. However I am willing to guarantee that I have more cards available than anyone besides Susan. I receive a new shipment of cards every weekend, and the following list will be updated immediately after every trade so you will know what I have available at all times.

I am pleased to be able to offer every card in the game!

/2 Baby Bowser 
/1 Jester
/2 Maple Super
/1 Tutankoopa
Alpha Edition
/10 Bandana Red /8 Air Koopa /1 Angry Sun
/12 Bandit /3 Albatoss /3 Big Bertha
/2 Bob-omb /3 Bandana Blue /3 Big Boo
/20 Bumpty Penguin /4 Baseball Boy /6 Bowser Koopa
/2 Chain Chomp /1 Blargg /4 Boxing Boy
/2 Cheep-Cheep /2 Boo Diddly /1 Dr. Freezegood
/66 Croco /13 Buster Beetle /3 Iggy Koopa
/4 Flurry /7 Czar Dragon /1 Harry Hedgehog
/11 Goomba /1 Dopler /1 Jonathan "Johnny" Jones
/4 Green Koopa /6 Evil Koopa /1 King Bob-omb
/4 Gusty /3 Fighting Koopa /1 Lakitu
/10 Hot Foot /1 Fire Koopa /1 Larry Koopa 
/3 Jelectro /1 Fire Snake /2 Lemmy Koopa
/2 Lil' Boo /3 Green Paratroopa /1 Ludwig Koopa
/4 Mecha Koopa /3 Ground Koopa /1 Morton Koopa
/22 Microgoomba /4 Huffin Puffin /4 Roy Koopa
/6 Monty Mole /2 Ice Koopa /2 Susan Koopa
/1 Nipper /1 King Piranha /4 Wendy Koopa
/11 Piranha Plant /1 Lightning Koopa /5 Zombone
/18 Rat Funk /2 Muncher /2 Artillary Range
/13 Red Koopa /7 Paragoomba /2 Fortress
/2 Rocky Wrench /1 Plant Koopa /2 Throne Room
/13 Sewer Rat /5 Red Paratroopa /2 Garbage Picking
/3 Shadow /2 Rob-omb /1 Induced Evolution
/15 Super Koopa /1 Snowman /3 Severe Shortages
/10 Tweeter /1 Spindrift  
/22 Foundation /1 Unchained Chomp  
/2 Gun Tower /2 Water Koopa  
/8 Parapet /2 Infirmary  
/5 Underground Tunnel /5 Railroad Tracks  
/30 Barricade /10 Ambush  
/1 Bomb Squad /1 Embargo  
/10 Draining Resources /1 Even Odds  
/3 Honorable Discharge /1 Fresh Troops  
/19 Midnight Raid /1 History Repeats  
/12 Mushroom /0 Magic Tournament  
/57 Supply Line /1 Mine Field  
/6 Tearing Down /16 Prisoners of War  
/5 War Buddies /1 Reconstruction  
/12 Air Energy /2 Rotten Mushroom  
/33 Fighting Energy /2 Shared Pain  
/2 Fire Energy /1 Strict Rationing  
/34 Evil Energy /15 Training Troops  
/62 Ground Energy    
/31 Ice Energy    
/4 Lightning Energy    
/1 Plant Energy    
/3 Water Energy    
Conquest Set
/10 Birdo /3 Birdetta /7 Booster
/1 Cleft /5 Bowyer /2 Grate Guy
/5 Crystal Bit /2 Crystal King /6 Heavy Troopa
/3 Fuzzy /2 Forest Fuzzy /4 Jungle Fuzzy
/10 Jabit /1 Goby /5 Knife Guy
/1 Magikoopa /4 Gulpit /1 Mouser
/2 Money Bag /1 Kamek /5 Yaridovich
/3 Mr. I /1 Whomp /5 P Switch
/4 Mr. Kipper /1 Fountain of Youth /3 Warp Block
/1 Muku Muku /3 Koopa Bank  
/4 Orb User /5 Trading Post  
/2 Orbison /1 Two Gates  
/2 Pokey /6 Lucky Lamp  
/7 Snifit /6 Once Again  
/10 Spookum /2 Starman  
/23 Doomship Port /1 Too Quiet  
/7 High Wall    
/2 Koopa Lounge    
/6 Watchtower    
/3 Common Enemy    
/15 Fire Flower    
/16 Honey Syrup    
/4 Lucky    
/3 New Assignment    
/12 Reverse Mushroom    

Do I not have enough of the card you want? No problem! Just Email me and tell me what you want and I will try to get it for you. And, of course, you can Email me with any questions or comments, or if you don't want to use the order form.

So! You've seen what my store can do for you, and you've seen what I have in stock. Maybe you need a refresher on the stats of the cards? In that case, go here.

The only thing left to do now is place your order! And here's the nice handy dandy form for you to do it:

Order Form
Step One: Who are you?

What's your name? 

What's your Email address? 

If you were referred to this store and this is your first time dealing with me, please tell me who referred you. 

Step Two: What can I do for you? Select either buy, trade, sell, or rent. If you want to do more than one, fill out the form more than once.

Buy or Trade

Step Three: What do you want? [Sellers skip to step four.]

To select what card(s) you want, go back up the page and fill in the text boxes next to the card(s) you want, telling me how many you want.

Ex., [ ] 4 Mushroom (which means I have four Mushrooms)  >>> [2] 4 Mushroom, if you want two Mushrooms.

Please do not try to buy more cards than I have in stock. If you need more cards, Email me and I'll try to get more.

Step Four: Paying :(

You need to tell me what you are willing to pay for the cards you want. For renters, there is an automatic one coin charge, but you also need to tell me what you can give me as a deposit. No deposit, no renting. This is because I can't force you to trade back with me. Sellers, in the text box please tell me both what you want to sell and how many coins you would like in return.

So, what will you offer me?

Step Five: Place your order!

To submit your order, click "Let's Trade!". All orders will be processed as soon as possible. Orders are binding, so if you offer a deal I accept you must follow through. I will Email all patrons either with an acceptance message to confirm the deal or a rejecting message in which I will offer my own possible deal. If a card you order has gone out of stock since I last updated the list your order will not be processed; instead I will Email you and explain the exact situation. If you don't get a reply within a few hours Email me. For some reason the order may not have gone through.

Thank you for your business! I hope to see you back at Lemmy's Card Shop. Best of luck in Susan's Trading Card Game! Stunning, fast, FREE!
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