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Mario Mario and Luigi Mario


Favorite Food: Whatever Luigi is currently eating

Favorite Pastime: Fighting with Luigi, also stomping Koopas

Favorite Sport: Fighting with Luigi, also football

Favorite Video Game: any game he stars in (except Donkey Kong Jr.)

Favorite School Subject: lunch

Favorite Enemy: Bowser (gets a kiss from the Princess every time he beats him)

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: gets away from Luigi


Favorite Food: Whatever Mario is currently eating

Favorite Pastime: Fighting with Mario, also making secret sauces

Favorite Sport: Fighting with Mario, also basketball

Favorite Video Game: Mario is Missing (is the star)

Favorite School Subject: Throwing spit balls at Mario

Favorite Enemy: Never gets to fight, but likes Bowser because he whops Mario

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: gets to argue with Mario over who has the best cell

Mario Mario was born in 1959, and Luigi Mario was born in 1961. Mario is fat and is 5’1" and Luigi is skinny and is 6 feet tall. They were both born in Brooklyn, New York. Their parents are unknown.

The two boys had a hard life in Brooklyn, and this caused them to become athletic. When they grew up, they were too poor to go to college, so they started a plumbing business called the Mario Brothers.

One day, the plumbers were trying to unclog the drain of a fancy looking bathtub. They unclogged the drain, only to get caught in a sudden whirlpool that pulled them down the drain.

The bathtub was actually a warp, and was related to the warp pipes found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Very few of these can be found in our universe.

Mario and Luigi emerged from the warp in the mist of a battle between Bowser and Princess Toadstool. Mario grabbed Bowser’s tail and threw him off a cliff, while Luigi carried the princess to safety. From then on, the Marios were heroes in a magical kingdom, and constantly saved the princess and the kingdom from harm.

"We have sworn to keep the Mushroom Kingdom safe from the Koopas, and we intend to do just that!" --Mario Mario and Luigi Mario

The King

Favorite Food: Bowl of steam

Favorite Pastime: Staring into space

Favorite Sport: Golf

Favorite Video Game: too lazy to play, but likes the old Atari game Tennis (had a cool shadow)

Favorite School Subject: can’t remember school

Favorite Enemy: Lemmy (likes to play with his ball)

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Can’t go to Jail! (but can’t remember what it is anyway)

The King is the real ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is very old, however, and does not do too much ruling. He is shrouded in mystery and as for his personality, all I can say is one thing: The King is very foolish.

(The King is too foolish to give an intelligible quote)

Princess Peach Toadstool

Favorite Food: Peaches and cream, also spaghetti because it means that Mario defeated Bowser

Favorite Pastime: Apparently being kidnapped

Favorite Sport: Mario and Luigi fighting

Favorite Video Game: Super Mario RPG (gets to fight)

Favorite School Subject: baking

Favorite Enemy: Wendy (only girl)

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Can’t go to Jail!

Princess Peach Toadstool is the daughter of The King, and takes more control over what she still owns of the Mushroom Kingdom than he does. She is 5’7," and is called beautiful in her world. She was born in 1957. She is very nice and gentle, and it is too bad that she is always being kidnapped. Still, certain things take priority when you’re a Koopa.

"I don’t know what I would do without the Marios. They have saved me countless times from the evil Koopas." --Princess Peach Toadstool

Toad Fungi

Favorite Food: Soil (for him to grow in)

Favorite Pastime: Growing (he needs to)

Favorite Sport: Hurdle Jumping (but cheats by going under the hurdle)

Favorite Video Game: Mario 2 (gets to fight)

Favorite School Subject: Law

Favorite Enemy: Lemmy (he’s short too)

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: lots of dirt to grow in

Toad Fungi is a walking mushroom, the type of life form that dominates in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is only 2’5’’. He is third in command of the good forces. He is important to the Marios because he has helped them in the past in their missions against the Koopas by giving Mario many helpful gift items.

"It is my goal to help Mario and Luigi in any small way that I can."

--Toad Fungi

Yoshi Dino

Favorite Food: EVERYTHING!!!

Favorite Pastime: eating

Favorite Sport: eating contests, also Sumo Wrestling because they eat a lot

Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Story

Favorite School Subject: lunch

Favorite Enemy: Lemmy and Iggy because he ate them once

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: gets lots of food

Yoshi Dino is a six-foot tall green dinosaur who looks like a T. Rex except that he has shorter, duller teeth. He has a long tongue that he uses to catch and eat food- and bad guys. He has helped Mario and Luigi in several quests against the Koopas by eating Mario and Luigi’s enemies. Yoshi also saved baby Mario from baby Bowser in an adventure that no one knows very much about. Yoshi is friendly, but does not know how to use pronouns.

"Yoshi hope Mario and Luigi save kingdom from evil Koopas!" --Yoshi Dino

Wooster Shine

Favorite Food: soap

Favorite Pastime: cleaning

Favorite Sport: Shuffleboard

Favorite Video Game: hates them (related to messy habits)

Favorite School Subject: Organization

Favorite Enemy: Larry (nice and neat)

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: has something to be cleaned up

Wooster is the head servant in Princess Toadstool’s castle. He is usually very humble, but he has an obsession with having things clean. He insists that everything must be spotless, and he will do anything in his power to make it that way. He has been known to try to clean beaches, and to not allow the Princess into her own castle when she was dirty.

"You call this floor clean? You must not have looked through my 1,000,000 x magnifying lens." --Wooster Shine


Favorite Food: Jalapeno Peppers

Favorite Pastime: Stealing

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Video Game: Wario Land 3

Favorite School Subject: Gym

Favorite Enemy: Boo

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: He always finds a way to weasel out of it

Wario is Mario's evil twin. The two are similar except that Wario is quite a bit smarter... though he is still stupider than the average person. He will do whatever he needs to to earn power over anything or any kind of coin. His nose is bright red because of all the peppers he eats, but others take it as a sign that he can't be trusted, which is true enough because he will double-cross anyone. He is the only character in the Mario Universe that is regularly portrayed as being both a good guy and a bad guy. Therefore, he is one of the most interesting and dangerous characters there is.

"Give-a me that coin! Get away, it's-a mine! I'm-a wealthy! I'm-a well off! Hahahahahahah!" --Wario


Favorite Food: Saltine crackers

Favorite Pastime: Playing cards

Favorite Sport: Canasta

Favorite Video Game: Yoshi's Story

Favorite School Subject: Language Arts

Favorite Enemy: Goomba

Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Wario and Luigi can't hurt him anymore

Waluigi is Luigi's twin brother. Fortunately, just as Luigi is a shallower version of Mario, Waluigi is a shallower version of Wario - it would be crazy to have more than one character like Wario. Waluigi has no self-confidence, which is why he makes very few appearances and prefers quite things like cards, languages, and easy enemies. He finally made an appearance in Mario Tennis because Luigi dragged him in for a whooping.

"Tennis? Sure, I guess I can play, but what's a racquet?" --Waluigi

Karma Koopa

Karma's different from the other characters here, thus the different bio format. You won't find her in any Mario game, cartoon, or comic, but you will set a lot of her in my Land. She is so popular that I have made her an official character. Every story I post must have Mario content, and now Karma can fill that requirement by herself. Just don't try to pass her off as official on any other site.

Karma, who was announced by a tourist of the same name, comes from Yoshi's Island, where she was separated from her parents after Mario ransacked the Island while trying to defeat the Koopas. She became very tough and determined, but she was always hindered by the fact that she is a Yoshi-Koopa hybrid, and therefore an outcast from all society.

Karma met Ludwig von Koopa, and when they met, they Met. Somehow they share a special bond. This bond required them to eventually marry, even though it is doubtful whether they love each other. Immediately Karma encountered hostility from Bowser, who did not want his son to marry a Yoshi. Bowser tried to execute Karma, but Ludwig, who knew he would die if his Met died, saved her just in time.

Since then, Karma has appeared in many adventures and has had as important a role as nearly any other character in my Land. She still lives with Ludwig, although her political affiliation is in question. She doesn't side with Bowser, so when war breaks out it is a tough decision for her to choose who to fight with.

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