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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Latisha Banks for these bios.

Larry Koopa (Cheatsy): The youngest Koopaling and also the cutest. Larry is usually the quite and the sneaky one.

"Yo, Mario-you made it dis far! Well, I'm gonna make sure you don't get past me, got dat?" -Larry Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr. (Big Mouth): He's the only Koopaling with brown scales and has a star on his left face. He's been called Big Mouth for a very good reason. He talks continuously. He's also a real grouch too.

"Grrr...Mario, I ain't feelin' too goog today. My hair looks terrible and I can't be bothered wit' you. So come over here where I can blast you wit' dis here wand!" -Morton Koopa Jr.

Wendy O. Koopa (Kootie Pie): The only girl Koopaling. She's the spoilest of the bunch and tough too. She gets mad when she doesn't get her way and she's very hard to please too. She likes candy, the only thing she's
interested in, besides try beating the Mario Bros. is herself. Some people say Wendy resembles her mother.

"Hey Mario! Try some of my candy rings, I think you'll be surprised how they taste!" -Wendy O. Koopa

Iggy Koopa (Hop): The only Koopaling that wears thick glass. He's not very tough but smart. He's a high jumper. People referred to him as the twin of Lemmy Koopa. He makes inventions, but not as complex as Ludwig's.

"So what if I'm not as tough as my brothers and sister! I can still get you, Mario!" -Iggy Koopa

Roy Koopa (Bully): Roy is the Koopaling with the sunglasses. He thinks it's cool to be a bully. He's a big and burly boy. He loves to squash things.

"When I hit my deck, my entire Airship shakes! Little twerps like you, Mario, won't even be able to move!" -Roy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa (hip): The talented one, and also known as the Clown Prince of Koopas. Instead of fighting the Mario Bros., Lemmy would rather join the circus. He may be short and small, but Lemmy can sure balance on that ball.

"Welcome to Lemmy's Magical Circus, Mario!!! Would you like to have some fun with these magical balls? See if you can balance yourself on top of them like I can. Ha Ha Ha!" -Lemmy Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa (Kooky): The oldest Koopaling and is known as Baron Ludwig Von Koopa-the second meanest Koopa around! Bowser's favorite son and is second in command. Ludwig's a real monster because he looks like a mad scientist and acts just plain mad. He's the smartest of them all. He makes lots of inventions and he designs the Doomships and tanks. His voice is also the weirdest of them all. Wait till you here him laugh. He's also a music composer but that didn't go too well because he has bad hearing. He's the only Koopaling that can spit fire balls. He's also heavy too. Too many snacks I suppose.

"Vee shall see if you can defeat me, Mario. I combine all the attacks ov my younger brothers and sister-I am the ultimate Koopaling! I see you trembling, Mario...Vy don't you just go home?" -Ludwig Von Koopa

Bowser Koopa (King Koopa): The king of the Koopas. Ever since the Mario Bros. got into his life, he will not rest until the Mario Bros. are finished for good.

"Yo! I kidnapped the princess while you were running around. She's here in my castle if you dare to try and rescue her. Ha ha ha..." -Boswer Koopa

(Here's my own Koopa characters)

Dixie Koopa: She's a princess from another Koopa Klan. Okay here's a secret for you. Dixie is Ludwig Von Koopa's *girlfriend!* Who knows how it happens, it was love at first sight. For Dixie anyway. Ludwig doesn't know that Dixie has a crush on him-yet!

"Ludwig is the sweetest Koopa I've ever met, when he's not going mad of course! One day he *will* notice me!" -Dixie Koopa

Olivia Koopa (Me!): I'm the older sister of Dixie. And the heir to the throne of my Koopa Klan family. For some reason, Larry has a crush on me.

"Kids, go fig! Go away Larry, I'm not your girlfriend!" -Olivia Koopa

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