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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Wario for this bio.

Link Koopa (Fire Yoshi):

Favorite Food: Oreos
Favorite Pastime: Surfing the net, also scouts
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Video Game: Zelda 64
Favorite School Subject: Magic
Favorite Underling: Cloud Jin
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Gets to practice magic

I was hatched in 1987. I am the oldest Koopaling, even older then Ludwig. I am a Magic genius. I am 4 feet tall male and look like a combo of all my siblings. I was given Cyber Land in 1999. It is a world where all the Internet stuff is; it is the Internet.

Upon joining Cloud Jin’s conquering club, I was given a device that lets me turn myself into a Yoshi. He is a red Yoshi with red boots, a spiked color, and spiked bracelets and anklets like Bowser’s. In this form I am known as Fire Yoshi.

I am named Link due to the fact that my egg was laid in Hyrule, causing me to get my korkie abilities and become the true hero of Hyrule. My parents are Bowser and Clawdia. My personality is a combo of my siblings- I'm smart like Ludwig, funny like Lemmy, cool like Roy, nice like Iggy, a brat at times like Wendy, talk too much like Morton, and like gardening like Larry.

"I am Link Koopa, the legendary hero of Hyrule and eldest son of King Bowser Koopa. Therefore I must protect Hyrule from the evil Gannon and help my father conquer Plit and kill Mario and anyone else who gets in the way. Confusing huh?"-

-Link Koopa

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