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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Lil Cheep Cheep for this bio

Lil Cheep Cheep

Origin: Cheep Cheep

Gender: Male

Birthdate: April 19, 1988

Age: 13

Weight: 14 pounds

Real Name: Paul

Occupation: World-class cook

Eye Color: Green

Personality: He is very lovable and he loves little children (he loves women just a tinsy bit more though) and when he's trying to be serious about things and you are being annoying and immature, he will get ticked off easily (unless you're a girl).

History: Not enough is known about Lil Cheep Cheep's past.

Apperance: If you have played Mario Bros. 3, you should be able to see him with his mother, Big Bertha.

Study: Marine Biology

Favorite Underling: Has none because he is an underling.

Famous Relatives: Sushi from Paper Mario is Lil Cheep Cheep's aunt. Big Bertha is his mother. Big Boss Bass is his father.

Favorite Food: Hot dogs and nachos (even though he can cook up everything)

Least Favorite Food: Cheese

Best Friend: Morton Koopa Jr.

Worst Enemies: The Blooper Gang- a bunch of Bloopers his age. You might see them in a Funny Lil Cheep Cheep has posted.

Hobbies: Swimming, cooking, directing, fighting with Bloopers, and having a good time.

Special Powers: Lil Cheep Cheep was born with the powers of "Love and Care". He can do almost anything to save his friends or to protect them with his special psychic abilities which only turn on when his friends are in trouble. The only attack that's has been recorded from Lil Cheep Cheep was when all the Koopa Kids were about to zap his father for not successfully eating Mario. Lil Cheep Cheep glowed a strange red and and baby blue flashing color and created a shimmering white force field around himself and his parents (the Koopa Kids were going to kill Big Bertha too) and when the Koopa Kids shot, the shots backfired at them
and they all fell down in a domino effect starting with Morton. The Koopa Kids forgave Lil Cheep Cheep two months later when he touched Mario and made him lose his his Frog Suit.

Secret Crush: He has a secret crush on Skippy.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Well it isn't a secret anymore! Who is writing this anyways?! Oh wait, it's me...

Worst Fears: The word "Hook", Fisherman Joe, the product "Fish Fry", and cheese.

Favorite Quote: "Hi! Uhh... what am I doing here again?"

Strong Points: Will never give up, always likes to help and take care of others (like his aunt), food contests, can flop around on land easily, and is a great kisser (winks for the ladies).

Weak Points: Being called "fish lips" (seems like first grade all over again), women that fight with him, and cheese (He hates that stuff!).

Advantages of Being with Him: Will always help in any way, has a blue belt in "Kung Cheep Fu", knows about almost everything, and is a great cook for long journeys.

Disadvantages of Being with Him: Is lazy sometimes, argues with stupid people, gets into fights about things no one cares about, and can never attack a female figure.

Favorite Song: The song in Mario 64 when you get to Bowser's submarine.

If he Could Have One Wish: Lil Cheep Cheep would wish for a world where everyone could get along.

Things he Dreams About: Lil Cheep Cheep dreams about far away lands and visiting them one day, even though they are just dreams.

Enemies: The Blooper family and cheese. (Have I mentioned that he doesn't like cheese?)

Friends: All the Yoshi people, all the Koopa people, and everyone, except for the Blooper family and cheese.

What he Hopes For: Lil Cheep Cheep hopes that you liked his biography.

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