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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Biribiri X for this bio

Biribiri X

Favorite Food: Swiss steak
Age: 20
Voice: Sounds exactly like Moe Szyslak from "The Simpsons"
Description: A tall handsome guy with blond and purple-dyed hair that is pretty long. He's a combination of human and fish. The upper half of his body is human-like with black, slick skin and fairly thin arms. His face is pretty handsome too. The lower portion of his body is like a catfish with silvercolored fins.
Biribiri X was born on a planet not far from Plit known as Aquanet. His planet had a powerfull crystal known as the Aqua crystal which had enormous power. Bowser wanted the crystal and eventually destroyed Aquanet in the hope of finding it. He failed to do so and left. Biribiri X was the lone surviver of the attack and fled to Plit. He slowly developed a sense of humor and got into entertaining people. He also got into CDs.  His past continued to haunt him though. Bowser returned to Aquanet and stole the crystal. When he found out Biribiri X survived, he tried to kill him. He barely survived an ambush by Bowser's minions on Plit. He was found unconscious by Yoshi and recovered in the Mushroom Kingdom. He befriended Yoshi despite Yoshi being so young. Biribiri X learned his race's techniques of fighting and became a formidable fighter.
Later he found out that Bowser had stolen a crystal and attempted to get it back. When he finally confronted Bowser, the crystal Bowser stole turned out to be the Aqua crystal. A magic wand (much like the Koopalings' wands) suddenly appeared and the crystal fused with it. Biribiri X used it to defeat Bowser and destroy the castle. What awaits him in the future is unknown...
Whirlwind Slash: He shoots a devasating blast of wind out his hand that rips through all sorts of things.
Electric Discharge: Biribiri X's race had the uncanny ability to absorb electricity into their bodies and release it out from all over their bodies and electrocute everything around them. He can do this as well.
Wand Vlast: Biribiri X's attack with the water wand is powerful alone, but when the crystal fused with it the wand's power skyrocketed. Biribiri X points the wand at his enemy and shoots a powerful blast of light out of the wand.

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