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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Smash for this bio


Full name: Dart Troopa

Species: Koopa Troopa

Political Affiliation: Loyal to Ludwig von Koopa

Weapon of Choice: Spear, shell

Appearance: Dart is a red-shelled Troopa. He is about average height for a Koopa Troopa, maybe a bit shorter. His shell is slimmer than most other Koopas’ as well. His scales are still the pale orange of most Troopas, but there is a barely visible pattern of alternating lighter and darker stripes.

Personality: Dart is a Troopa of few words. Anything he says is as short and succinct as possible. Despite his few-worded nature, he holds great charisma for all others of his kind. Any Troopas fighting under or near him will be inspired just by his presence and fight harder.

History: He was hatched in Pipe Land at about the time Mario was rampaging through it on his way to free the king. He was placed in a camp for potential warriors, supervised by Ludwig himself. But after Ludwig was defeated, the camp was abandoned. Most of the residents were evacuated in time, but Dart was captured by the Mushrooms as they re-established their authority over the land. After a short imprisonment, he was released by the merciful Princess Toadstool and taken back to Pipe Land. When Ludwig returned from his defeat on Cookie Mountain, he found Dart living with some other abandoned Troopas in a deserted pipe.  Though he was the youngest of the group, he seemed to be the leader. Recognizing an opportunity when he saw one, Ludwig took in the entire group.

Some time later, recommended and taught by Ludwig, Dart was accepted into the Koopa Troop. He was placed in charge of a regiment of young Troopas. Though he did not see combat for years, the strategies he thought up were used in several campaigns against Mario. Unfortunately, Mario overcame the strategies and the Koopas were defeated anyway every time.

Dart was present in the battle for New Castle Koopa. Zydar’s horde, breaking a non-aggression pact, attacked New Castle Koopa with overwhelming numbers. After Bowser was captured, Dart led his troops in a desperate counterattack through the enemy lines. They managed to break through and the remnants of the shattered Koopa Troop retreated through the breach he opened up and fled to the Mushroom Kingdom.  Dart was also there in the battle for the Mushroom Kingdom. He was the one who thought of the retreat strategy used to save the Mushrooms from complete destruction. After the Mushrooms escaped, Toadstool appointed Dart as leader pro-tem of the Koopa Troop. He was instrumental in driving off demonic attacks on the refugees.

The refugees arrived at Yoshi Island just before the Burning of the Isle. There Dart met again with his mentor, Ludwig. He gave the news that Bowser and all Ludwig’s brothers and sister were captured. When Xyron’s troops invaded, he was able to do little to stop the Burning except sending several children into a river to avoid the flames.

Sadly, though, this promising young life was cut short in the Battle for Yoshi Island. Dart had commanded Ludwig’s troops to a victory in the first part of the battle, but he was ignominiously struck down from behind by a knife through the back of his neck. He was burned in a mass funeral after the battle, where Ludwig swore revenge on his murderers. The legacy of the young Troopa still lives on in the mind of his mentor as one who gave all in the defense of his planet.

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