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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Chowdown for this bio

Name: MezzoBob-omb

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Weight: 2.7 tons

Date of Birth: Unknown

Favorite Food: Black powder

Likes: Watching TV shows about demolition projects

Dislikes: Having to explode

MezzoBob-omb is a huge Bob-omb that works for evil Smithy minion Punchinello. When Punchinello lost
a fight to Mario, Mallow, and Geno, he fled as he brought MezzoBob-omb out to take out the mine, and with it, the aforementioned trio. Fortunately, Mario amd friends deactivated MezzoBob-omb before he/she/it exploded, and then took the Star Piece hidden in the mine and escaped in a mine cart. Some say
MezzoBob-omb later became the Bob-omb King, but those reports are groundless. What is known is that he/she/it did briefly work as a chiropractor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lack of a second set of limbs forced
him/her/it to quit.

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