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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Leo for this bio

Name: Leo

Nickname: None, although Roy calls him Stress Bag and his real name is also a kind of a nickname on Earth as his earth name is Leonardo

Age: 15

Kind: Cleric, rainbow-hologram (if you look at him from a different angle you will see different colors off the rainbow) Yoshi

Favorite Video Game: Any Mario Party game (if he has 2-4 players to play with), Pokemon Stadium 2, and Pokemon Crystal

Relationship: Monica (a bronze Yoshi)

Favorite Creature (besides Monica): Amazy and Crazee Dayzees (they are not afraid of him)

Abilities: Powerful healing spells, ability to remove a spirit (thus rendering target dead,and he could counter this spell by putting the spirit back in the body whenever he wanted too), a restorative kiss that revives the person he has kissed (this doesn't work on people that he has removed the spirit from), the ability to become enraged (anything can happen), the ability to become a human when ion Earth, and the ability to drain someone's magical powers and use them.

Leo was found by Kamek before he hatched and he was born inside Bowser's Castle. Kamek realized that this kind of Yoshi is really powerful because they have a kind of control over something, but he didn't know what it was yet, until Bowser was very stressed out and he thought by beating up Leo he would relieve his stress. Then after Leo had been beaten up good he used his powers to heal himself (his first heal). When Kamek saw this he praised the child and showed him to everybody. Roy didn't like him so he started thrashing around him so Leo got irritated and then he exhibited a new kind of magic. He removed the spirit of Roy and then Roy fell dead (he didn't breathe and he had no pulse). Everybody was in shock over what the little Yoshi could do. They thought Roy was dead until two hours later when he miraculously got up. After this everyone left Leo alone (that's why he got timid) except Kamek when he would experiment on him. They learned that Leo could control the lapse of how much time someone has gone dead. One time Leo got frustrated about Kamek experimenting on him so Kamek threatened him by pointing his magic wand. In defense sucked the powers from the magic wand and then he shot the geometric-figured spell at Kamek. Kamek then got up and realized that his wand had been turned into stone. Afterwards he asked Leo if he could turn the wand back to normal. He did and Kamek left him alone after that except on certain occasions where any member of the Koopa Army needed healing so he lived a sad, solitary life in a castle not too far from Bowser's Castle. He then one day was found by the Mario Brothers, and they introduced Leo to Yo'ster Isle. After he got into a few accidents, he met a bronze Yoshi named Monica. When Monica was killed by the Koopalings Leo then kissed Monica and she was revived. Then Leo built a house on Yo'ster Isle and then he lived with Monica inside the house. He now carries a long stick that's curved on the top and it looks old and he carries it everywhere.

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