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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Misty Koopa for these bios

Misty's Family

Name: Kolorado Koopa
Age: Around 30?
Likes: Archeology, swimming, Kate, Misty
Dislikes: When Kate is angry

Kolorado was born in a very small village at the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom. He moved to Koopa Village at about the age of 12. No one was very friendly and a girl in Kolorado's class laughed at his weird accent on
his first day at his new school. However, he earned some friends when they saw how strong he was when he tried to fight the school bully, among them, Kate. Years later they married into a nice quiet life in the village. About ten years into their marrage they had their first child, Misty. He was featured in Paper Mario a few times but never had a totally steady role in the game.

Name: Kate Koopa
Age: Around 30?
Likes: Reading, walking, Kolorado, and Misty
Dislikes: When Kolorado leaves without telling and when Misty is also mysteriously not around

Kate was born in Koopa Village and has lived there all her life. Around the age of 12, Kolorado moved in next door and started school with her in Toad Town. She was not very happy and laughed at his weird accent. Later on she saw how tough he was and they became friends and later got married.

Name: Misty Koopa
Age: 13
Likes: Mom, Dad, swimming, walking, fighting, and her friends
Dislikes: When mom and dad say "no" to a pet and when she gets in trouble

Misty was born to Kolorado and Kate Koopa. A cross between the two of them, Misty is happy doing whatever either of them wants to do. Lately though she's been asking for a pet, though they say "no" because they are having another baby. Her first friend, Jr. Troopa or JT, used to tag along wherever she went. She became lost on Yoshi's Island in Chapter Two of Paper Mario. Her mom thought she was in Dry Dry Desert or on Lavalava Island with some new friends while her dad thought JT had offered to let her stay at his place when she dissapeared from Dry Dry Desert. Both became very frantic when they realized neither knew where she was. And then she met her newest friends, the Yoshi Kids and Koopalings.

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