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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Yoyoshi for this bio

Name: Yoyoshi

Nickname: Yoyo

Age, Height, and Weight: ?

Species: Let's think about it, shall we? Yoyoshi... take off the Yo and you get Yoshi.

Description: Green Yoshi that looks like he came off the computer (a.k.a. pixelized)

Likes: Computers, Scribbles, Crazy Packers Fan's ideas, watching Mario eat cheese, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Ludwig, plot holes, funky FBI guys.

Dislikes: Viruses, deadlines, that thing that goes bump in the night, stories that make sense

Rival: Need a rival? Call 555-5555.

Battle Skills: Since he originates from cyberspace, he can program any weapons he has the ability to, although that takes time. He finds it easier to rip out the phone cord and use it as a whip. If he is creating the plot, he also has the tendency to use plot holes. As well, he can write bad looping JavaScript that you get stuck in, although he has yet to use it. In close combat, his pixelization means trouble for those who hit him, since it creates sharp skin.

Other Skills: Programming good code, warping. Has yet to discover many other skills. Oh yeah, he has a knack of getting rocks at Halloween.

Personality: Self-consious, kind, but always has an annoying tendency to be on top of things.

Origin: The computer, of course. The name was created by the human who masquerades as Yoyoshi by simply repeating the first two letters of Yoshi, and it stuck, since the name was never taken when he signed up for new stuff. The Yoshi himself was born as a normal Yoshi, but lost his way on the computer once and was sucked in. He was finally saved by a person who printed him out. He now looks back and helps those who are stuck like him.

Quote: "The only thing I can trust you to do is lie."

Occupation: Programmer/writer. You'll often find bugs in each, though.

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