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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Jazzman von Koopa for this bio

Name: Lord Fortinbras Toadstool

Species: Human

Age: 36

Height: 6'4"

Description: Fortinbras is tall, burly, and broad-shouldered, with long white hair, green eyes, and a square jaw. He wears the gray uniform of the Army of Sarasaland with a cape and white epaulettes.

Bio: Fortinbras is the pompous and arrogant Prime Minister, Lord Chamberlain, and Minister of Defense of Sarasaland, appointed by Princess Daisy herself after the extraterrestrial invader Tatanga's defeat. He is persistent- stubborn, some would say- and never accepts defeat. He is described by his subordinates as "habitually wearing an expression as if he has determined himself to drive his head through a brick wall and is about to do just that." Though not native to Sarasaland, he is an avid Sarrasi patriot. As Peach Toadstool's elder brother he is the heir to her throne, but he will not claim his birthright. In fact, he renounces his heritage altogether, claiming he "came to Sarasaland to escape the backward, antiquated ideas of the Mushroom Kingdom."

Before the arrival of Tatanga, Fortinbras served on the Sarasi Parliament. An extreme militant, he was one of few Parliamentarians to support taking action against Tatanga before it was too late. Obviously his warnings fell on deaf ears, and had it not been for the heroism of Mario, Tatanga would have been the next addition to the Sarasi royal family.

After Tatanga's defeat, Fortinbras advocated the complete militarization of the Four Princedoms of Sarasaland, including mandatory military service for all citizens between the ages of 16 and 65, and construction of an Air Force to counter the growing threat of invasion by the Koopa Imperial Doomship fleet. With his militant politics he quickly became a leader in the Sarasi Military Reconstruction. In order to allow him to oversee the transforming of Sarasaland into a Nation at Arms, Princess Daisy created the office of Minister of Defense and appointed Fortinbras to fill it, giving him almost complete power over the vast Sarasi Military forces.

Fortinbras is extremely protective of Princess Daisy, and even more than his protectiveness for the princess is his suspicion toward Luigi for his involvement with her. He has very little trust of non-Sarasis, and Luigi's reputation as Mario's do-nothing brother doesn't do anything to lighten that distrust. With Luigi spending more and more time in Sarasaland, this distrust of foreigners is about to clash with Luigi and Daisy's relationship, but this battle of wills won't be the only battle shaking the Four Princedoms...

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