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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Lord Seth for these bios

Lord Seth and Others

Name: Larry Koopa
Occupation: Spy
Age: 9
Likes: Spying, cheating, and plants
Dislikes: Susan
Least Favorite Sibling: Roy (Roy calls Larry ''Punching Bag''. Enough said.)
Biggest Fear: That fire will hit his greenhouse

Name: Morton Koopa Jr.
Occupation: Philosopher
Age: 10
Likes: Talking, talking some more, talking even more, etc.
Dislikes: Masking tape
Least Favorite Sibling: Roy (always attacks him)
Biggest Fear: That someone might use permanent (and I mean permanent) tape on his mouth

Name: Roy Koopa
Occupation: Boxer
Age: 13
Likes: Working out, beating up Iggy, and pounding on Mario
Dislikes: Losing in sports
Favorite Super Koopa: Either Crazy Packers Fan or Lord Seth
Favorite Sibling: Iggy (is easy and fun to beat up)
Biggest Fear: Nothing (or so he claims)

Name: Boo Diddley
Occupation: Haunted House Real Estate Agent
Age: 15 (30 if you count when he was alive)
What he was Before he Died: Koopa Troopa
Last Words: "You know, Lord Seth, I really do think your name is pretty strange, and-"
Residence: Haunted House
Biggest Fear: Poltergust 3000

Name: Goomba
Occupation: Insurance Salesman
Age: 10
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Everything, almost
Quote: "OW!"
Biggest Fear: Mario and Luigi (or just one)

Name: Lakitu
Occupation: Airplane Pilot
Age: 31
Likes: Heights
Dislikes: Being below the clouds
Quote: "AAAAAHHHHH!!!" (when falling  to the ground)
Biggest Fear: Being at ground level

Name: Kamek
Occupation: Kidnapper
Age: 80
Favorite Video Game: Donkey Kong Jr.
Least Favorite Video Game: Yoshi's Island
Biggest Fear: That Yoshi will come back for revenge

Name: Lord Seth
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator (hunts down and destroys the paranormal, except when the paranormal is normal, like Boo Diddley, for example)
Age: 1,000,015
Description: Lord Seth appears to look somewhat like a human... except you never see his eyes because he
always wears sunglasses. If he ever takes them off, you'll see that his two eyes change colors randomly
every five seconds and are never the same color. It freaks me out! Wait a minute... I am Lord Seth.
Although he's fairly weak physically, he's such a master with magic it doesn't really matter! And for
someone over a million years old, he's remarkably in good shape!
Favorite Koopalings: Roy and Morton (though it sometimes doesn't seem like it)
Least Favorite Koopaling: Wendy
Current Secret Project: I can't tell you; it wouldn't be a secret then!
Reason for his Strange Name: Lord is his title. Seth is his last name. AND MY NAME IS NOT STRANGE!!!
Favorite Part of Lemmy's Land: Interviews
Famous Quote: "SECURITY!!!"
Best Friend: Vapor (though Lord Seth tends to avoid him during Interviews)
Preferred Side on the Koopa-Mario War: I don't prefer either side! The Koopalings are cool, but those Mario
games are also cool. Therefore, I don't take sides. Both sides are cooler if I go to Ice Land, though. No, that is NOT a bad pun! It's punny, after all! I do spend more time around the Koopas than in the Mushroom Kingdom, but I don't take sides in the battle, really.
More Background Information: Lord Seth stumbled (literally) upon Plit and the Mushroom Kingdom when he
took a wrong turn at Sector 4-G of Universe RU1:2. After using a spell to heal his minor wounds, he
figured out where he was. Of course, we know where he is. He generally comes here once in a while (or more than that).
Fun Fact: If you enjoy living, it's generally a good idea not to tell Lord Seth that you think his name is strange. He's a little... touchy on that subject.
Only Reason he's not Invincible in Some Stories: Interdimensional laws prohibit certain people (such as
Lord Seth) from exhibiting their full power in sporting events (such as The Mushroom Games) or,
sometimes, in things like Interviews.
Biggest Fear: That someone might find out this secret about him. It's like this. Lord Seth once did this
stupid thing when he was younger. See, when he... GET AWAY FROM HERE IGGY! HAHA! I TORE THAT PAPER UP! ONLY TWO MORE TO GO! Good thing they can't be photocopied. NO!!! DON'T TOUCH THAT SEND BUTTON! IT'S-

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