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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Lord Seth for this bio

Name: Smithy
Age: 90
Race: Robot
Occupation: Evil Machine Dictator
Biggest Fear: That someone might discover his weakpoint (he runs on AA Batteries)
Favorite Movie: The Matrix or The Terminator (tied)
Favorite Koopaling: Ludwig (when his inventions work, that is, in other words, never)
Least Favorite Koopaling: Wendy (he's a robot and hates water)
Favorite Pastime: Trying to conquer the world (emphasis on TRYING)
Biggest Rival: Bowser Koopa
Games He Was In: Super Mario RPG
Least Favorite Tourist: Lord Seth (see the Interview Lord Seth conducted with him for the full story)
Best Friend: Exor (if he can be called a friend!)
Favorite Video Game: None (Yes, that is the name of the game, "None"! However, it was never produced, and Nintendo denies any knowledge of its existance.)
Least Favorite Video Game: Super Mario RPG
Current Whereabouts: Unknown (the afterlife, maybe?)

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