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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Simon for these bios

Mario RPG Characters

Name: Geno
Favorite Mario Game: Super Mario World (you got to go on Star Road)
Likes: Stars
Hates: People mixing up the name of the Star Road
Quote: "That's... Star Road."
Geno is a star spirit who  has taken on the form of a doll to help get back the Star Pieces.

Name: Mack
Favorite Mario Game: Mario RPG (lots of jumping in it)
Likes: Jumping
Hates: People that won't jump with him
Quote: "Boing, boing, boing."
Mack is a dagger-like foe who's always bouncing up and down. He took over the Mushroom Kingdom once but got beat up by Mario and Mallow.

Name: Dodo (the name says it all)
Favorite Mario Game: Can't play any
Likes: Too stupid to think about it
Hates: Valentina, statues that move, and Valentina
Quote: "..............."
Dodo is a stupid bird who works for Valentina but hates her because she mistreats him.

Name: Booster
Favorite Mario Game: Yoshi's Story (it's simple)
Likes: Toy trains, bugs, and girls that fall out of the sky
Hates: People messing up his plans
Quote: "Crying? Isn't that what people do when they're... sad?"
Booster is a rather stupid person who depends on his three Snifits to keep him right. He once tried to marry Toadstool but as usual Mario messed him up.

Name: Croco
Favorite Mario Game: Wario Land 4 (lots of stealing)
Likes: Stealing, the fact that he can outrun anybody
Hates: When people get their stuff back from him
Quote: "Your eyes are faster than your feet! At this rate it'll take you 100 more years to catch me."
Croco is a bandit, and a fast one at that. His first experience with Mario was when he stole Mallow's rare Frog Coin and the twosome stopped him. He met up with Mario and co again in Moleville and in Nimbus Land. After that he sold Mario items in Bowser's Keep.

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