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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Sly for these bios

Name: Axem Red
Age: 18
Favorite Koopaling: Morton
Least Favorite Koopalings: Lemmy and Wendy
Favorite Food: Hot dogs
Least Favorite Food: Ice cream
Boss: Was Smithy, now his own boss.
Bio: I'm the oldest and strongest Axem. Smithy was a pain. Now I'm my own boss running a hot dog stand. All us Axems are mutated Koopas that carry axes.

Name: Axem Green
Age: 15.
Favorite Koopalings: Larry and Wendy
Least Favorite Koopalings: Lemmy and Morton
Favorite Food: Vegetables
Least Favorite Food: Meat
Boss: Was Smithy, but now it's Larry
Bio: I was trained in magic for bad uses but now I use it for good. I work in Larry's garden.

Name: Axem Pink
Age: 14
Favorite Koopaling: Wendy
Least Favorite Koopalings :Morton and Roy
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Fish
Boss: Was Smithy, but now Dr. Koopa
Bio: I was the only one who could heal people and because I liked to heal people I'm a nurse at Koopa Hospital.

Name: Axem Black
Age: 16
Favorite Koopaling: Roy
Least Favorite Koopalings: Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, and Morton.
Favorite Food: Protein drinks
Least Favorite Food: Chocolate
Boss: Was Smithy, but now Roy
Bio: I got a job being Roy's helper bully. I'm the only one that wears shades and bullies people around.

Name: Axem Yellow
Age: 17
Favorite Koopalings: Morton, Roy, and Ludwig
Least Favorite Koopalings: Lemmy, Larry, Iggy, and Wendy (a.k.a. the skinny ones)
Favorite Food: Everything
Boss: Was Smithy, now Chief Koopa
Bio: I'm the fattest and stupidest Axem. I'm so hungry. I work for Chief Koopa. Mario has cheese!!! I'm going to steal his cheese.

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