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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Bowser 52589 for this bio

Name: Bowser 52589
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Motto: "Where's my sandwich? I mean, I will take over the Mushroom Kingdom! Gwa ha ha!"

Bowser 52589 is Bowser's rival. He was born in Virtex, which is a mirror dimension of Plit. Whatever happens on Plit affects his dimension, so he wants to take over the real dimension, which will make him ruler of his own dimension.

In essence, he is Bowser, just in another dimension. He looks just like Bowser, except that he has purple scales, a black shell, golden spikes, and dark red hair.

Bowser 52589's loyal lieutenant, Goober, always does most of his dirty work, but is a big-time idiot, and very weak.

Bowser 52589's first appearance was in the Fun Fiction Bowser's Rival, and he is still at large trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom (which is why he is called Bowser's Rival).

Since Bowser 52589's dimension is a mirror dimension, he shares all of Bowser's weaknesses and strengths. However, as a result of crossing into the dimension of Plit, he has gained a special power called the Millennia Beam. This is where a ball of energy develops in his hand, and then shoots at his victim. The beam can either stun or kill his target, or transform it into something else.

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