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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Simon for these bios

Various Mario Baddies

Name: Goomba
Age: 10 (but acts 4)
Likes: Beating up people (has a success rating of 0)
Hates: The fact that he's weak
Goomba is weak and pathetic. Why Bowser ever put faith in these weaklings is beyond me.
"I'm strong, brave, and smart. 2 plus 2? Why it's 22 of course."
Baddie Rating: 0 out of 5

Name: Koopa Troopa
Age: 12
Likes: Goombas (wimpy and fun to pick on)
Hates: Stronger enemies pounding him
Koopa Troopas are just slightly stronger than Goombas and often end up helping Mario when he kicks their shell.
"So what if I'm not that strong? I can beat up Goomba any day."
Baddie Rating: 2 out of 5

Name: Lakitu
Age: 36
Likes: Spinies (keeps them as pets)
Hates: When Mario steals his cloud
Lakitu is a cloud-riding enemy who throws Spinies at Mario.
"No Koopa Troopa can beat moi!"
Baddie Rating: 4 out of 5

Name: Bob-omb
Age: 2 (Bob-ombs live very short lives)
Likes: Explosions
Hates: When people take out his detination device
Bob-ombs are traitors as they often explode near walls Mario couldn't normally pass through.
Baddie Rating: 3 out of 5

Name: Snifit
Age: 30
Likes: Booster on a good day (gets good pay)
Hates: Booster on a bad day (gets low pay)
Snifits have worked for Bowser and Wart and are now working for Booster. They don't pose much of a threat in any games as they're relatively weak.
"Sir, I believe she's crying."
Baddie Rating: 1 out of 5

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