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Larry's Tourist Bios

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Name: King Bowser Koopa
Occupation: King
Favorite Food: Anything spicy
Favorite Underling: Boom Boom
Least Favorite Underling: Goomba
Favorite Pastime: Finding new ways to defeat the Mario Bros., taking over the Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser has always hated the Mario Brothers and the Yoshis ever since he was a baby. He did his first bad act when he and Kamek, his guardian, kidnapped luigi, but the Yoshis fought them back. A year after that, he tried to steal the Yoshis' Super Happy Tree to make them sad. However, a band of baby Yoshis that had not been affected by the loss fought their way through his minions and beat him again. Being a father of seven kids, he always has something to do at home. Even with a horde of minions, a hundred spells, and weapons, he still hasnít defeated Mario yet.

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