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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Rachelle for this bio


Name: Rachelle

Gender: Female

Age: You know, I think there are only maybe two places I’ve ever posted my age on the Internet… this isn’t one of them.

Species: Birdo

Birthplace: Yoshi’s Island

Occupation: Fun Fiction writer/artist

Alignment: Neutral (doesn’t work for Bowser, but doesn’t really like Mario and Co. either).

Shameless Plug: Works at the Yoshi Station, listed in Lemmy’s Links.

Physical Description: Rachelle looks exactly the same as any other Birdo, with one noticeable difference: she’s white all over. Though flukes like that are pretty rare, it’s not unheard of. She has red “spikes” on her back, a pink bow, and two brown spots on the back of her head.

Personality: She may not be the most outgoing person around, which by no means does this mean that she lacks social skills. She’s friendly, but avoids those that she does not like as best she can (unless they’re REALLY asking for it). Sometimes she’s too stubborn for her own good. This is sometimes a plus when playing Nintendo games, but only made things worse when she was in a little argument with Roy. Luckily, the whole thing blew over in around two or three weeks.

She loves to laugh, and at times will nearly fall over at comments that are in the least way funny. But, she’s serious when she needs to be. She tries to comfort her friends if they’re not feeling well, though there are times when she’s not really sure how.

She enjoys writing and does well in school, but, like almost every other kid, she’s glad when the school day is finally over. She also loves to draw, when she’s in the mood, and read. Playing Nintendo is also a favorite pasttime. Her favorite games are Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda series, and Sonic Adventure Battle 2, to name just a few.

Rachelle loves animals, and scares herself when she realizes that she can look at almost anything and call it cute.

Combat Abilities: Her sharp claws are great for close-up encounters, but shooting eggs works best for long range. She’s got excellent aim, though she hasn’t learned to shoot fireballs yet. Not all Birdos ever do learn; it sort of varies.

Background: Rachelle lived fairly close to the Yoshis until she and her parents moved away, closer to a larger community of other Birdos. But, since she was just three at the time, she only remembers very little about the time she spent living there.

Since a good majority of the Birdo population lives in a remote region of Yoshi’s Island (In case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t an overwhelming amount of them in Sub-con), so does she. Born and raised there, she enjoys visiting the neighboring Yoshis whenever she can, though the opportunity doesn’t present itself much, because they’re a fair ways off.

Her five pets include four cats and a lovebird, the latter of which is painful (That bird is evil, I tell you, evil!).

Aside from her parents, Rachelle also has two little sisters. Even though there are times that they seem to exist to annoy her, even Rachelle sometimes admits that they’re not always that bad to have around.

Rachelle stumbled into Lemmy’s Land a little over a year ago accidentally. At first she dismissed it as just another Mario site, but eventually came back out of a mixture of boredom and curiosity. She’s been hanging around ever since. Her interest in writing fan fics roused, she likes to send stories and drawings to Lemmy for the site. She also has the weirdest fascination for editing others’ stories.


“You're a supersonic, idiotic, disconnected, brain-affected, overloaded, just exploded, candy-coated meatball!” *pant pant*

“I’m only afraid of knives when you’re holding them.”

“Ignorance is having to squish the same spider three times before realizing that something is wrong.”

Rachelle Davison 2002

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