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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Bowser 52589 for this bio

Koopa Bros.

Name: Koopa Bros.

Age(s): Red: 18, Black: 16, Green: 15, Yellow: 15

Gender: Males

Game Appearances: Paper Mario

The Koopa Bros. started out as regular, ordinary Koopas, living peaceful lives in Koopa Village. Well, okay, so maybe they weren't so peaceful. They were always rowdy and mischievous, and liked pulling pranks. But they all had one dream: becoming great soldiers in Bowser's army. One day, Kammy Koopa was scouting for troops for Bowser's next assault. She happened upon these four, enthusiastic young Koopa warriors. Thinking they might be useful, she drafted them into Bowser's army. The brothers let this go to their heads, however, and became obsessed with looking cool, since they thought Kammy Koopa liked them. They decided to model their new look after their favorite Earth TV show, in which turtles acted like cool ninjas. They trained night and day (well, whenever they weren't eating pizza and throwing parties), and became very strong. They used their abilities to persuade Bowser to make them bosses, and gained control of a captive Star Spirit. They also took over an old, ruined castle and used their Bob-omb slaves to rebuild it into a formidable fortress. However, a few of the Bob-ombs rebelled. They got away, and escaped to nearby Koopa Village. This weakened the Koopa Bros. army, and thus they were defeated by Mario.

This didn't shatter their confidence, though. They trained more and gained a position in Bowser's Castle. Unfortunately, just as they were about to have a rematch with Mario, they were knocked away by Jr. Troopa. However, the Koopa Bros. have yet to give up against Mario, and still live in their fortress stronghold. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we'll see them again someday.

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