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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Benjamin for this bio.

Name: Benjamin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Siblings: Yes

Description: Ben is a blue Yoshi, and is kind of like Yoshi and Boshi combined. Ben sometimes likes to bully people around, but only for fun. Ben, however, usually isn't like this. Ben's personality is that of all the
Koopaling's combined. Ben is fun-loving like Lemmy, Ben likes plants like Larry, Ben likes to be a bully like Roy (at times), Ben likes to admire himself like Wendy, Ben is nice like Iggy, Ben loves to do complex experiments and ADORES chocolate like Ludwig, and likes to talk like Morton.

Background: Ben wasn't always a Yoshi. Yoshi's mother laid two eggs, one blue, one green. During a storm  on the ocean while they were on a cruise, the blue egg fell overboard. The blue egg was washed up on shore and evenutally hatched in a house where he was taken in after being found by 2 foxes. Ben had the power to transform, and transformed himself into a 4-tailed gray furred fox and he didn't know it. Ben, as a young child, got picked on a lot, and soon discovered his various powers and unqiue abiltes, such as flying while whirling his tails like helicopter blades, and fireball attacks. Once Ben was being picked on by a big bunch of bullies, but Ben got saved by young Bowser, who, believe it or not, was a nice guy in his young days and didn't like to see people hurt. Ben and Bowser became the best of friends, and usually did everything together. However, once Ben graduated, he never saw Bowser again, except on occasional visits. Ben helped Bowser and his kids capture Yoshi and a few Mushroom residents, only to help them escape. Ben soon learned about his unnatural ability to change form and transform himself into anyone and anything. Once Ben transformed into Mario, and had gotten a kick out of his feats of his impersonation of Mario, but Toad had quickly discovered Ben's Mario impersonation, and bacuase of that, almost got him exiled from the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi, Ben's newest friend, had promised him to help him out after Ben helped him out of imprisonment. Yoshi repayed his debt to Ben by helping to defend him. Since Yoshi
wouldn't allow Peach to exile Ben, Peach had ordered a death sentence to Ben, after a brutal torture. Ben was appalled by this, but Yoshi was stubborn, insisting what Ben went through, he went through also. Peach
couldn't see Yoshi get hurt, and becuase he was so stubborn and determined to help his friend, Peach couldn't go through with it. Ben, angry at Peach for his sentences, moved out of Mushroom Kingdom, and
went to Yos'ter Isle to live with his friend Yoshi, who badly needed a roommate at the time. Yoshi and Ben went through a series of adventures together, and both buddies have also found girlfriends. Once Ben and
Yoshi were acting like brothers towards each other, and this had went on for a long while, until Jessica, Ben's girlfriend, had a theory that Ben and Yoshi MAY be actual brothers. Ben and Yoshi thought this was crazy, but got thier DNA checked anyway. To thier ultimate surprise, Jessica's theory was true! Ben and Yoshi WERE actual brothers. To this day, Ben still can't belive that one of his best friends is his younger brother.

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