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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Bowser 52589 for this bio

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier


Age: 67

Gender: Male

Species: Koopa

Game Appearances: Paper Mario

Long ago, in the middle of Dry Dry Desert, there was a great nation called Dry Dry Kingdom. It was a prosperous nation, ruled by the benevolent King Mousta.

The kingdom ruled for a long time, conquering many other desert towns. One of them was a mighty village possessing a large, golden cactus. The village was conquered by King Mousta, in an attempt to gain more treasure for his own nation. The golden cactus soon turned to stone, and was used as the key to locating the hidden treasury of King Mousta (from the statue, go two south and three west).

Unfortunately, some of the people of the village conquered by King Mousta had snuck into Dry Dry Kingdom and were starting an uprising against King Mousta. The King's treasure was looted and scattered throughout the desert. The leader of the uprising was King Goomses II, the former leader of the ruined village. In the rebellion, Dry Dry Kingdom was reduced to ruin.

However, King Mousta managed to escape. He gained a great following among his supporters and got revenge against his enemies. The rebellious citizens were driven to near extinction, with only a handful of them escaping into the desert. His followers, however, were thieves, and demanded a prize for their helping the king. His treasures were lost in the civil war, and he was unable to pay them all that they demanded. He gave them all that he had, in exchange for keeping his life.

The thieves who gained all that was left of Mousta's riches used them to build a small town on the edge of the desert. Thus, Dry Dry City was built. It was a prosperous city, until one dark day.

The people of Dry Dry City were living the life of luxury by using the treasure that remained in the ancient ruins. However, a descendant of Goomses, the leader of the rebellion, snuck into the ruins. He cast a spell which made the people who had been destroyed in the war of Dry Dry Kingdom come back to life as Pokey Mummies and Buzzy Beetles, and the great princes, who served under Goomses, were made into powerful stone Chomps, who guarded the keys to the treasure vault of the Dry Dry Ruins.

This powerful wizard's name was Tutankoopa. When he took over the ruins, the people of Dry Dry City were unable to gain access to their much-needed treasure. The great city suffered, but fortunately it was not as bad as the former kingdom. The city was reduced to a small trading outpost, full of people who did not wish to be found.

One of these was a descendant of the former King Mousta. His name was Moustafa. He lived in Dry Dry Outpost under the disguise of a shady beggar. However, when he learned of the acts of Tutankoopa, he followed specific instructions given to him from his forefathers: if anything was to happen to the ruins, he was to sink them in the sands. This he did, by activating a special defense mechanism. The ruins were held above the sands by a uniquely designed foundation. But, if a single, certain stone were removed from that foundation, it would collapse into the sands. This he did, and the ruins decsended into the depths of the desert.

However, Tutankoopa survived this by using his magic to keep the sand from flooding his desert fortress. He and his troops remained trapped, waiting for the day when they would be released.

Later, when Bowser stole the Star Rod and kidnapped the Star Spirits, he needed someone far out of the way to keep one of the Star Spirits, somewhere where Mario would never know to look. When he heard the legend of an ancient fortress, commanded by an insane wizard, buried beneath the sands, Bowser couldn't resist hiding a Star Spirit there. Bowser himself set off to find this palace, and soon did. When Tutankoopa heard about the Koopa King and his power, he quickly agreed to keep the Star Spirit.

Unfortunately for the Koopa with a pharaoh complex, there was one person who knew exactly how to stop him. Moustafa alone held the key to unlocking the ruins. Tutankoopa sent many spies out to try and locate him, but Moustafa was well hidden with his disguises. Mario, however, used Moustafa's love of lemons to get him to tell Mario how to find the ruins. This Moustafa did, and Tutankoopa was defeated by Mario.

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