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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Videogamerpat for this bio


Favorite Food: None (How can he eat? He has no mouth.)

Hobbies: Likes to watch TV and play video games. (Wait, how can he play video games if he has no hands? Oh well.)

Occupation: A loyal member of the Koopa Troop. He also is seen doing a few Interviews for Lemmy.

Rob-omb was once a guardian of Booster's Tower, until, of course, Booster was defeated. As of then Rob-omb realized that he needed a more compitant army to work with so he joined the Koopa Troop.

Rob-omb is a like any other Bob-omb except that he has purple feet and a purple fuse. Rob-omb is a very humble, kind, and loyal Bob-omb. Just don't call him Rob, unless, of course, you want a taste of his explosive Bob-omb temper.

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