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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Hip for these bios

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier
Best-ranked Tourist Bio

Main Characters

Mario Mario: Mario arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi. They have been on countless adventures and saved the Mushroom Kingdom many times. However, Mario sometimes gets cheese cravings. The cravings are dangerous as Mario's IQ temporarily drops to a point where all he can focus on is cheese. Mario has no control over these cravings.

Luigi Mario: Luigi has the same background as Mario. He does not have cravings that lower his IQ though. His weak point has to be his short temper, causing him to be in a bad mood, especially when Mario craves

Peach Toadstool: Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She does a good job but relies on Toad to do all the hard stuff. Her hobbies are being polite, baking, bossing Toad around, and fighting with Daisy.

Toad Fungi: Toad is Peach's sevant, but he gets treated more like a slave. He sometimes gets fed up with Peach but continues to work for her as she pays him really well. However, all the stress that has built up over the years have made Toad a fowl-mouthed Mushroomer.

Daisy: An overall nice princess who HATES Peach. She believes that anything Peach can do she can do better. If she is not baking, she's probably fighting with Peach.

Bowser Koopa: Bowser is the bossy Koopa King. He insists on having everything his way, unless another proven method will work. He wants to capture Peach and force her to sign over the Mushroom Kingdom. However, he must deal with his seven obnoxious kids at the same time.

Clawdia Koopa: Bowser's lesser known wife and the Koopa Queen, Clawdia is a nice woman for the most part but always wants to get her own way. She spends most of her time with her bridge club or watching soap operas in her bedroom.

Ludwig "Kooky" von Koopa: The oldest of the Koopalings and the smartest. He is brilliant, inventive, and has the brain power to prove it. Unfortunately, his plans backfire and he sometimes gets cravings for chocolate.

Lemmy "Hip" Koopa: Although he's the second oldest, he's the shortest too. Lemmy enjoys rolling on his ball, ice, and hanging out with Iggy. He and Iggy hang out together a lot of the time and look similar so they are considered twins even though they're not.

Roy "Bully" Koopa: The toughest Koopaling, and has strength second to Ludwig's. Roy earned the nickname Bully for always being a bully. He constantly beats up and bosses Morton and Larry around. On occasion, he'll beat up his other siblings too. It's best you let him do what he wants, as he only obeys Bowser and Clawdia.

Iggy "Hop" Koopa: Iggy is a very silly Koopaling. He is full of energy and likes to crack jokes. He is usually seen with Lemmy. Iggy has to wear glasses because he strained his eyes by sitting to close to the TV while
playing Nintendo.

Wendy "Kootie Pie" Ocean Koopa: Being the only girl in a generation of seven kids made Wendy somewhat of a spoiled brat. When she doesn't get her own way she screams until someone gives in or blackmails her. She loves to go shopping, especially for jewelry and clothes.

Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr.: Morton is a very talkative guy. He can start talking all of a sudden without being able to shut up unless he is forced to. Morton sometimes gets cravings for wedding cake. He is one of the nicer Koopalings, but his constant talking makes it hard for others to realize this.

Lawrence "Cheatsy" Koopa: Lawrence, better known as Larry, is the youngest Koopaling. He often comes up with sneaky plans and schemes. He sometimes works with Ludwig and together with Ludwig's brain power and Larry's ideas, they can accomplish a lot. Larry likes to grow vegetables and eat them from time to time. He also enjoys anything with the Olsen Twins, but everyone else gives him a hard time for liking them.

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