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Larry's Tourist Bios

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Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Koopaling Bios

Name: Ludwig von Koopa
Age: 12
Likes: Chocolate, when his inventions work, learning
Dislikes: When his inventions are ruined, Wendy, Morton
Ludwig is the oldest, smartest, biggest, second strongest, second fastest Koopaling. Whew, thatís a lot of adjectives! Ludwig is always trying to make inventions to beat the Marios. Despite what most people say, his inventions rarely blow up (just watch the cartoons). He is the ruler of Pipe Land and he was the second Koopaling to breathe fireballs (after Morton).

Name: Lemmy Koopa
Age: 11
Likes: Pulling pranks, jokes, anything funny, his Land, Iggy
Dislikes: Roy, boring stuff, how Bowser smells
Lemmy is the second oldest Koopaling after Ludwig. He is also the second smartest. He likes funny stuff and making people laugh. He is respected for owning a huge website. He is the ruler of Ice Land. He never breathes fireballs, because he has ice powers that negate fire.

Name: Roy Koopa
Age: 10
Likes: Sports, beating his siblings up, tough guys, Mastadoom
Dislikes: Buster Beetle, wimps, people who donít do what he says
Roy is a very mean Koopa who likes to be a bully to others. The only Koopas that can be a yin to his yang are Ludwig (his older and stronger brother) and Clawdia (his peaceful mother). Even though those two are the usual people to calm Roy down, a lot of Koopas (like Lemmy) like finding some way to injure Roy. All this offensive stuff has made him aggressive over the years. He has the chance to let out some of the rage he earlier collected by working with tourists such as Vapor, Lord Seth, and Crazy Packers Fan. He owns Sky Land, but his air powers arenít very strong.

Name: Iggy Koopa
Age: 8
Likes: Lemmy, big things, when Roy doesnít beat him up
Dislikes: When Roy beats him up, everyone calling him a wimp, tourists that like Roy
Iggy is basically a twin to Lemmy. He isnít very unique, because he doesnít have any special trait. Heís always been second to Lemmy, and Roy is always beating him up. All this created rage that eventually made Iggy a little bit crazy. Heís not necessarily demented, but he is a little less sane than your average Koopa. He has magic over size and rules Giant Land.

Name: Wendy O. Koopa
Age: 7
Likes: Lemmy, water, getting her way
Dislikes: Morton, ice, fire, not getting her way
Wendy is the only girl child in the family. This made her unique and caused Bowser and Clawdia to lavish attention on her, but the older Koopalings didnít really care because they were discovering other things in the world. Anyway, a year later, when Morton was born, Bowser and Clawdia saw that it was another boy. They were disappointed and continued to show Wendy extreme affection, making her a spoiled brat. Wendy loves water and owns Water Land. Donít tell Lemmy this, but she also has a secret crush on him. Like Lemmy, Wendy canít breathe fireballs because of her aquatic nature.

Name: Morton Koopa, Jr.
Age: 6
Likes: Talking
Dislikes: When people stop him from talking, Roy
Morton was born a year after Wendy, and is the second youngest Koopaling. At the time, his parents didnít really care for another boy Koopaling, and neglected Morton. Without parents to guide him, Morton had to find another hobby, and destiny said that hobby was talking. Morton kept getting absorbed into this habit, and by the time Bowser and Clawdia had paid attention to him, he was a big blabbermouth and Bowser and Clawdia could not stand him. He was able to breathe fireballs before Ludwig because he was and is a Koopa with fire magic. He owns Desert Land.

Name: Larry Koopa
Age: 6
Likes: Spying, tricking people, guessing right in the Boxing Arena
Dislikes: People who discriminate against him because heís young, Roy
Larry is a very sneaky Koopa, and the youngest too. When he was young, he was very curious and liked to ask his siblings what they were doing. They wouldnít tell him, and then they would go to their rooms and lock the door. Larry developed a habit of spying to find out what his siblings were doing. Eventually, the habit stuck with him, and even after he was bored of knowing what his siblings were doing, he was still interested in spying. He has plant and grass powers and owns Grass Land. Roy is constantly bullying him, especially when he makes an incorrect prediction in his Sports Hall. A lot of people overlook him because of his age, but I really think he is underappreciated.

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