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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Missy for these bios

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Missy’s Family

Name: King Tooby Tubba
Age: 34
Weight: 800 pounds
Height: 60’
Gender: Male
Species: Tubba Blubba
Favorite Food: Anything tasty, mainly Boos
Favorite Color: White
Likes: To eat, sleep,and Boos
Dislikes: Being woken up and having his dinner served late.

King Tooby Tubba is a Tubba Blubba and king of the Clubba clan. He was born in Giant Land and continues living there today. He is married to Queen Kelsey Koopa. Tooby met Kelsey one day when he was having desperate problems with his army. Kelsey saw the trouble he was in and decided to help out. Tooby admired Kelsey’s battle techniques and fell in love with her. They got married despite their differences. It didn’t matter because love conquers all.  King Tooby Tubba is dark purple and has a purple spiked shell. He has orange eyes and hair. He also has a blue patch over his chest where he had his heart removal separation. He is also a very strong leader and controls the Clubba troops and armies. If he gets mad, he will do a ground pound to attack his enemies.

Quote: “Who woke me up? Leave me alone or you shall pay!”

Name: Queen Kelsey Koopa
Age: 30
Weight: 185 pounds
Height: 8’5’’
Gender: Female
Species: Koopa
Favorite Food: Strawberries and peaches
Favorite Color: Pink
Likes: Relaxing in the sun and swimming
Dislikes: Loud noise and rainy days

Queen Kelsey Koopa is a Koopa. She is married to King Tooby Tubba and also rules the Clubba clan. She was born in Desert Land and now lives in Giant Land with her husband. She is just a normal Koopa with blue hair and eyes. She has a normal green spiked Koopa shell and is always wearing pink. She is very fussy and almost always gets her way.

Quote: “You know, I can’t work today, I need time to relax.”

Name: Tubba Blubba Jr.
Age: 11
Weight: 300 pounds
Height: 30’
Gender: Male
Species: Tubba Blubba/Koopa
Favorite Food: Boos and anything tasty
Favorite Color: Black
Likes: To eat and sleep
Dislikes: Losing his dinner and losing his sleep

Tubba Blubba Jr. is a mix between Tubba and Koopa. He appeared in Paper Mario (Chapter Three boss). His father’s heart removal was used in the game; Tubba Blubba Jr. had no such removal and the marking on his chest is a birthmark. He was born in Giant Land and lives in a castle on top of the hill on Gusty Gulch. He is light purple and has a purple spiked shell. He has orange hair and eyes. Tubba Blubbas is that they appear to be the evolved form of Clubbas.

Quote: “What is that delicious smell?”

Name: Missy S. Koopa
Age: 8
Weight: 35 pounds
Height: 4’5’’
Gender: Female
Species: Tubba Blubba/Koopa
Favorite Food: Apples and anything sweet and sour
Favorite Color: Blue (aqua)
Likes: Water, swimming, beaches, and drawing
Dislikes: Morton, Roy, Wendy, lightning, and getting confused

I am an aquatic Koopa and a mix of Tubba Blubba. I was born in Giant Land and live in Water Land along the beaches. I am very different from my family because of my strange appearance and behavior. I am so adapted to water; it would be a rare find seeing me out of it for more than an hour. I am like a normal Koopa but have a mix of Tubba Blubba. I have red hair and aqua eyes. I have a dark blue spiked shell and I always have a pair of purple sunglasses on top of my head. I also spend many hours training for my father’s army (even in the pool). I sometimes carry a huge Clubba stick around, which my father gave me. He is also still teaching me to use it properly.

Quote: “Water is my life, where would I be without it?”

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