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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Iggy Koopa for these bios

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Koopa Family

Name: Ludwig von Koopa
TV Name: Kooky
Likes: Chocolate, fish, making inventions
Dislikes: When his inventions donít work, his siblings
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 12

Ludwig is the oldest and smartest of the seven. He usually spends his time inventing. Ever since he was a baby Koopa he would invent things which didnít work in the end. He doesnít enjoy playing sports, so he isnít as fit as the others. Ludwig used to help Roy beat up on poor me (Iggy), but he stopped after realizing how barbaric it was.

Name: Lemmy Koopa
TV Name: Hip
Likes: Ice, riding his ball, Iggy
Dislikes: Fire, popped balls, Roy, when Iggy is sad
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 20

Lemmy is the next oldest Koopaling. He is smaller than most Koopas, but that doesnít change anything. His walking ability is horrible, only way for me to put it. Although sometimes it seems he can walk okay, he usually has problems with it, so thatís why he rides on his ball. Lemmy is my twin, we used to share sentences. As we got older we gradually stopped sharing sentences because we donít always know what we say next anymore. Still, we enjoy doing it when we get it right.

Name: Roy Koopa
TV Name: Bully
Likes: Beating up Iggy, fighting, looking tough
Dislikes: Most of his siblings, losing
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: Is there even a high enough number?

Every family has at least one jerk, and Roy is ours. As a baby, Roy was actually nice. He helped with cleaning and would always say nice things. Around age five or so, he turned bad to the bone! No one knows how though. I think it was because he was watching boxing on the TV. His favorite pastime is beating me up. Luckily, now he canít do it as often! I can run a lot faster then him, outsmart him, or just fight back! Okay, fighting back doesnít really help, but I still donít worry about him as much.

Name: Iggy Koopa
TV Name: Hop
Likes:  Tacos, animals, escaping Roy, Lemmy
Dislikes: Roy, Wendy, when all tacos are eaten, when Lemmy is sad
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 20

Iím the crazed one in the family. I donít see a problem with that, it just adds more excitement to my life! I love eating tacos, theyíre one of my favorite foods. I already explained to you about the relationship Lemmy and I have. I have lots of animals in my castle at Giant Land. Wendy really annoys me now, more than Roy. Sheís always yelling in my ear, and I have no idea why! Oh well. Most people see me as an average Koopa, and a wimp. Well, I guess I am pretty average, but Iím getting less average as time goes on. And Iím not so wimpy anymore! I can actually get a few good punches on Roy!

Name: Wendy O. Koopa
TV Name: Kootie Pie
Likes: Looking good, shopping, Lemmy
Dislikes: Looking bad, not shopping, every other Koopaling
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 23

Wendy is predictable. You can always tell that when she has a big grin on her face, sheís about to throw a tantrum. When sheís looking angry, you know sheís hungry, or just being a baby. When she has this cross between happy and angry, you can tell sheís ready to go shopping. She spends about fifteen hours a day seeing how she looks in the mirror. Because of this, she did not complete school two years. You can tell that King Dad was pretty mad!

Name: Morton Koopa Jr.
TV Name: Big Mouth
Likes: Talking, eating wedding cake, all Koopalings
Dislikes: Silence, pencils
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 15

Morton is most likely the biggest pain of a Koopa you could ever know! Heís ALWAYS talking. You wouldnít believe how many times King Dad put him in the dungeon for not shutting up! Other then his talking problem, he is pretty nice. He likes all his siblings, even Roy, and is helpful. He recently admitted a fear of pencils. He told me (for about two hours) that he had a bad experience with pencils that he remembered. It seems that as a baby, he was looking for some candy and he picked up a pencil. He tried to eat it, but he started choking on it. Luckily he was alright, but now he trembles every time he sees a pencil! He can be an odd one sometimesÖ

Name: Larry Koopa
TV Name: Cheatsy
Likes: Cheating, plants, playing chess
Dislikes: Losing, playing fair, dead plants
Average Number of Times in Dungeon a Month: 3

Larry isnít a talker like Morton. Actually, he usually keeps to himself most of the time. He likes being polite, but thatís weird because he spies on people a lot. I guess he has a split personality. His favorite pastime is gardening. His room is a jungle! Literally! Plants on the floor, walls and ceilings! He doesnít really bother with the rest of us because his planting is always taking up his time. An odd note about him is that he had the biggest change in the orders from SMB3 and SMW. In SMB3 he was the first boss, then in SMW, he was the last (besides King Dad). Pretty weird.

Name: Bowser Koopa
Likes: Fire, evil, punishing, his kids
Dislikes: The Mario Bros., their friends, losing, his kids

My dad is a brutal guy sometimes. He used to be so predictable. He would just kidnap the princess, and run off! Now he finally has other methods. As a child, he didnít have a princess to kidnap, so he kidnapped Luigi and a treeÖ what an odd child. Surprisingly, he is a loving father to usÖ most of the time. So if someone asks him if he likes us or not, heíll say he hates us, but he really likes us. We get on his nerves a lot, but itís our job! We just love seeing him explode with rageÖ even though weíll regret it later. Heís made a lot of attempts to rule the Mushroom Kingdom already, more then most people know because they werenít all made into games. Paper Mario was King Dadís greatest moment! He had TMK, he beat Mario, and he was invincible! Well, it was short lived. Oh well, heíll get his chance someday. And the only way is for us to be part! Or is itÖ yeah, it is.

Name: Clawdia Koopa
Likes: Her family, cooking, reading
Dislikes: Mario Bros., their friends, fighting

My mom is pretty great. She is always nice to us, and never gets mad. I guess our dad makes up for that. She really isnít bad, like Dad. She really could care less if King Dad took over TMK. While dad is out there taking over TMK, she spends her time cooking, cleaning, and all those other mom stuff. She is really good at cooking, so we can always count on great eating!

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