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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Derrek for this bio.

Name: Derrek J. Koopa
Age: 24
Details: Built up, out of shape, but not exactly fat. Tall.
Location: 34573 Lagoon View Drive NE, Hidden Paradise, Mid-South Briny Sea. Near Mushroom Harbor.
Interests: Racing, Hot Rodder, especially likes to customize cars, 4x4 SUV's, and   big rigs.
Occupation: C.E.O of Koopa Industries
Allergies: Princess Toadstool's perfume
Disabilities: Can't win an argument with Bowser (Cant get last word with  anybody.)
Likes: The Koopalings
Dislikes: The Mario Brothers and everything about Peach.
Favorite Koopaling: Lemmy for his up beat attitude, and great gardening skills
Least Favorite Koopaling(s): Ludwig and Morton, just for being jerks

I like the Koopa race, and I kinda like Mushrooms. If Bowser would get off his butt and help me once in awhile, since he's the Vice President of Koopa Oil and Fuels, I'd like him a little better too.

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