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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Lemmy Clone for this bio.

Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa is one of the middle children of the family and is constantly suffering from MCS (Middle Child Syndrome), but his twin, Iggy, always made him feel appreciated. He was never too big on the whole "take over the world" thing and on numerous occasions tried to run away and join the circus. Once he succeeded, but was caught when they went to the Mushroom Kingdom and performed for Peach. In the circus he learned how to do two acts: Balancing on Balls, and the trapeze act. Iggy didn't really like him running away, but he used his knowledge to create Lemmy's rubber balls that would kill (or at least injure) whatever it touched that was non-reptilian (Mario could stand on these because of his shoes, which are already dead).

Eventually, Lemmy got the nickname "Hip" and Iggy "Hop" though they constantly wanted to switch because Iggy was Hip and Lemmy liked to Hop. Eventually, as Lemmy got older, the girls started to "like" him. He discovered that some girl named Lizzy had a crush on him, but he wasn't to big on that whole idea. He figured he could never get married and would be a bachelor, because it was Ludwig who was to be King and needed a queen, not him.

Once, Lemmy was messing with Ludwig's inventions and got cloned. The two clones didn't know which was which, so they went separate ways, never to be seen at the same time. One of the Lemmys went and started Lemmy's Land, the other, Lemmy Koopa's Nintendo Page.

Now, where are they? Sitting in their two identical castles goofing off on the Internet. Adios.

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