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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Celestial for this bio


Name: Kamek
Age: Depends on where he is in the series..
  Yoshi's Island~ Age~ 13 (Bowser in this one is about 4 years old)
  Tetris Attack~Age~ 27 (Bowser is about 18 in this one)
  Super Mario World~ 37 (Bowser is about 28 in this one seeing he has kids)
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Food: Kamek enjoys a variety of foods but he loves Yoshi Flambà ©
BloodType: AB
Weapon of choice: Magic wand (This one is different from the kooplings in the fact that most of it's abilities are used for teleportation and shape shifting)
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, plotting evil schemes, practicing spells, and perfecting his abilities at chess and Tetris attack. He says both are very mind stimulating
Gender: Male
Race: MagiKoopa
Height: 4'1
Weight: 105 lbs.(Though Koopalings look heavy sorcerers are usually much lighter)
Love Interest : He says he has a crush on me but I think he's only joking around,  other than that Kamek's love interest are unknown.
Abilities: Kamek can teleport, call monsters, shape shift items or creatures into other creatures or items and change their size as well. He is also rumored to be telepathic, and able to see the future. (This is why he is known as a prophet in Yoshi's Story and knows the future of the Mario Bros. and Yoshi.Interesting huh?) One other thing he can do that is very valuable but often over-looked is his ability to create an infinite supply of money (Seen in Koopa's Castle in Mario RPG), also he can fly with his magic broomstick.
Rank: Leader of all Magikoopas
Minions belonging specifically to him: All Toadies
Story of Kamek:

As much as he's told me it started like this.. He was raised with the other Magikoopas but far exceeded them in his studies. Quickly he moved up in rank and was finally chosen as a leader and prophet of the Magikoopas. One day he had a vision that the Koopa Klan was to have a great leader amongst them, being the baby Bowser. Kamek's visions had never failed before so the others put the child directly in his care, knowing the wise magician would teach Bowser everything he would need to know. Kamek took care of the infant Bowser and tried to teach him as much as possible but Bowser constantly through tantrums. Kamek began to wonder if his vision was false. But that night he had a vision of two plumbers being the only thing to stop the great and mighty King Bowser. Kamek flew out on his magic broomstick with his Toadies, hoping his vision was only a nightmare, when he saw before him two babies being carried by the
stork. "This cannot be!" Kamek cried in frustration. "But it has to be! My visions are never wrong!" He quickly flew over and tried to snatch the babies from the stork. He caught one in his grip but in the struggle and panic between him and the stork the other flew downwards towards Yoshi's Island. (Starting, as we all know, Yoshi's Island!)

After that episode Kamek did not take lightly Bowser's first failure and flattening him as thanks for taking care of him all those years. He told Bowser his vision must have been wrong and that he was leaving. Koopa, furious that the sorcerer was leaving and that he no longer had him to get rid of the Yoshi's, stole Kamek's toadies and told him he would do away with them if he did not obey his orders. Kamek, forced to do Bowser's bidding, complied, because he did not want to see his Toadies hurt. Bowser commanded him to turn the Yoshi's world into a story book so that they would be powerless when he went to steal there Super Happy Tree that kept them alive. Kamek did so and Bowser succeeded in taking the Yoshi's tree (as we all know that's where Yoshi's Story comes in). The end of Yoshi's story isn't explained very well though. It simply shows the Toadies taking away Bowser the same way they took away the Yoshi's. This was because once he was defeated the Toadies grabbed him to take him back to Kamek, meaning he was in for it big time for what he did! That's why he started crying. He knew what was coming (Kinda the way a child knows when they've done something wrong and there parents are reaaallly angry). Kamek scolded Bowser Big Time and made him go through grueling punishment in the dungeon many a times but finally he taught Bowser to not throw his temper tantrums and to use his aggressiveness for fighting and conquering.

Kamek now knew his vision was going to come true. At age 18 Koopa had succeeded in conquering a dark part of the Island and turned many of the creatures of the island against Yoshi and the gang. Kamek used magic to influence once peaceful creatures like the caterpillars and the fish in the sea. One day Kamek had finally found that if he were to use a continuous rain storm spell mixed with his shape shifting spell to turn objects into blocks he could crush all the creatures aiding Yoshi and the Yoshis themselves. Once the blocks touched a creature it would obey only Koopa and Kamek. (This is where Tetris Attack comes in. Yes there's actually a story behind what seems like just a puzzle game)

When he and Bowser were beaten they retreated from Yoshi's Island- the Yoshies there continuously get in the way. Kamek used his teleportation skills to take the Koopas, himself, and all of his minions with him. They arrived in a place called the Mushroom Kingdom... and I think you guys know the rest of the story from here.

Kamek ever-after stayed loyal to Koopas, often as a teacher, counselor,
and prophet for Bowser and his minions. He is in charge of all the other Magikoopas working for Koopa, and he makes critical decisions in attack plans and magic aide that many wonder how Koopa got his hands on in the first place.. And that's about it. He hasn't been seen as much in other games- Briefly in the castles of Super Mario World, and in the very end of Mario RPG. It only says "MagiKoopa" under description in the RPG but I have a V.G. magazine with the original screen shots showing him as Kamek.. I realized this change was because in the RPG they only gave the species of the creatures and not there actual names.

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