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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Mars for this bio

Name: Mars
Nickname: ET
Age: A little younger than Iggy
Hobbies: Ball riding, inventing, anything he thinks is fun, eating, sleeping, playing, surfing the net, etc

Mars is a Koopaling from outer space, literally. His species is called "Komet Koopas" because they set up housekeeping on comets. When Mars was an egg, a meterorite crashed into his comet, ripping off a house-sized chunk of comet and Mars with it. His comet crashed into the Koopa Kingdom. While in the
Koopa Kingdom, he explored. He was a very good inventor, sometimes even better than Ludwig. He doesn't really have a home. When Mars met Iggy, Mars and Iggy became fast friends. Mars didn't know he was from another planet until he got knocked on the noggin slipping on some oil while helping Iggy out. Komet
Koopas know their language without someone teaching them. Iggy and Mars went to the crater where Mars crashed and hollowed out the comet and made it into a floating house for Mars to live on.

Miscellaneous Facts: Mars can shoot seeker fireballs, use telekinesis, and generate a huge electric shock from his antennae. His antennae also act as extra eyes, which makes him good at pin the tail on the donkey and can allows him to watch cartoons and invent at once.

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