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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Rainbow Koopa for these bios

Koopaling Bios

Roy Koopa is the oldest of the 7 Koopalings.  He's the only one who wears shades, very muscular, and is the bossiest of the koopalings.

Age: 18
Nickname: Bully
Birthdate: July 4 (Independence Day)
Height: 5ft. 7in.
Weight: 162 pounds
Likes: wrestling
Dislikes: people stronger than himself
TV Line: "You heard King Dad, get to work!"  (Recycled Koopa)

Larry Koopa is the kindest of the Koopalings.  He's the one with a blue mowhawk.

Age: 16
Nickname: Cheatsy
Birthdate: January 15
Height: 5ft. 3in.
Weight: 138 pounds
Likes: plants
Dislikes: Susan B. Koopa
TV Line: "This is as sneaky and slimy as you can get, Dad.  I love it!"  (Toadstool for President)

Lemmy Koopa is one of the shortest Koopalings.  He's the only one who likes balancing on balls.

Age: 15
Nickname: Hip
Birthdate: August 9
Height: 3ft. 5in.
Weight: 75 pounds
Likes: hanging with his brother Iggy
Dislikes: people who show off with magic in front of him
TV Line: "You can never predict exactly when a volcano is going to erupt."  (A Little Learning)

Iggy Koopa is one of the smart Koopalings, but not the smartest.  He's the only one who wears glasses to see.

Age: 15
Nickname: Hop
Birthdate: August 9
Height: 3ft. 8in.
Weight: 81 pounds
Likes: hanging with his brother Lemmy
Dislikes: being made fun of
TV Line: "No duck here turkey!"  (Life's Ruff)

Wendy Koopa is the only girl out of the 7 Koopalings.  She wears a bow in her hair and tail, a pearl necklace, high heels, and 3 braclets on each arm.

Age: 16
Nickname: Cootie-Pie
Birthdate: November 23
Height: 5ft. 1in.
Weight: 105 pounds
Likes: make-up
Dislikes: people more beautiful than herself
TV Line: "It was not just in time, Cheatsy!  That rotten steam melted my mascara!"  (7 Continents for 7 Koopas)

Morton Koopa Jr. gets the junior from his grandfather Morton Koopa.  He's the one who talks way too much.

Age: 15
Nickname: Big Mouth
Birthdate: April 1 (April Fool's Day)
Height: 5ft. 2in.
Weight: 138 pounds
Likes: to talk a lot
Dislikes: when people tell him to shut up
TV Line: "It's curtains for you curids!  You're history!  It's all over!  We win!  Times up!  Your clock is clean, the sun has set, the fat lady has sung, the cheese has molden, the Super Mario Brothers are no more!"  (Crimes R' Us)

Ludwig Von Koopa is the smartest of the 7 Koopalings.  He's the one with the puffy blue hair and is the "Einstein".

Age: 16
Nickname: Kooky
Birthdate: March 4
Height: 5ft. 2in.
Weight: 141 pounds
Likes: inventing things
Dislikes: people calling him stupid
TV Line: "Hey bad King Dad, my twisted genious brain just had an idea!"  (Reign Storm)

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