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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Rainbow Koopa for these bios

Mario RPG Bios

Mallow is a frog prince that helps Mario on his quest for the 7 stars. He might be a little guy, but watch out for his star rain attack.

Age: 22
Birthdate: April 2
Height: 2ft 5in
Weight: 120 pounds
Likes: cricket snacks
Dislikes: when people make him cry

Croco is an evil reptile, like Bowser, but worse! He's always up to no good!

Age: 30
Birthdate: November 5
Height: 3ft 5in
Weight: 130 pounds
Likes: stealing
Dislikes: when someone steals from him

Culex is an evil crystal demon from another dimension. He's matter. He's antimatter. He can see the past.  He can see the future. He consumes time as well as you!

Age: unknown
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 9ft 2in
Weight: 621 pounds
Likes: battling
Dislikes: Geno

Jinx is a dojo master who has his own gym. He's Geno's cousin.

Age: 17
Birthdate: Febuary 19
Height: 1ft 9in
Weight: 18 pounds
Likes: when people are too coward to battle
Dislikes: people out of shape

Smithy is the enemy in RPG. He runs a factory and creates enemy machines.

Age: 35
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 10ft 5in
Weight: 932
Likes: making weapons
Dislikes: people destroying what he creates

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