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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to Rainbow Koopa for these bios

Koopaling Friends

Rainbow Koopa loves her rainbow colored hair and clothes and loves playing basketball. She got turned into a Koopa by Larry.

Age: 16
Nickname: Gamegirl
Birthdate: May 4
Weight: 129 pounds
Height: 5ft 5in
Likes: video games
Dislikes: hot weather
Siblings: Athletic Koopa
Human Name: Jennifer
Quote: "If you don't like it, tough! Step aside, Susan B. Koopa, cuz I'm the one who likes Larry."

Athletic Koopa loves to play sports, especially basketball. She got turned into a Koopa by Ludwig.

Age: 13
Nickname: Hoops
Birthdate: June 9
Weight: 90 pounds
Height: 4ft 10in
Likes: riding bikes
Dislikes: steak
Siblings: Rainbow Koopa
Human Name: Tracey
Quote: "Do you have enough money for this, cuz I want it."

Musical Koopa is one of Rainbow Koopa's pals. He got turned into a Koopa by Iggy.

Age: 12
Nickname: Gameboy
Birthdate: January 31
Weight: 85 pounds
Height: 4ft 9in
Likes: video games
Dislikes: Ludwig's music
Siblings: Cutey Koopa
Human Name: Tommy
Quote: "Some day I will marry Rainbow, but in the meantime, I gotta play this awesome video game."

Cutey Koopa is one of Athletic Koopa's pals. She got turned into a Koopa by Wendy.

Age: 9
Nickname: Sweet Pea
Birthdate: February 16
Weight: 75 pounds
Height: 4ft 5in
Likes: dancing
Dislikes: veggies
Siblings: Musical Koopa
Human Name: Kristen
Quote: "I'm so hyper even at midnight! Sugar, sugar, sugar it's the life!"

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