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Larry's Tourist Bios

Thanks to James for these bios

Koopaling Bios

Name: Ludwig Von Koopa
Age: 12
Likes: his inventions
Dislikes: his siblings
Stastatics: The oldest of all the Koopa Kids.

Name: Lemmy Koopa
Age: 11
Likes: Wendy
Dislikes: Ludwig
Stastatics: The second oldest of all the Koopa Kids. Loves Wendy.

Roy Koopa
Age: 10
Likes: Ludwig, Larry, himself
Dislikes: Morton, Iggy
Stastatics: The third oldest of all the Koopa Kids. Has cool red sunglasses

Name: Iggy Koopa
Age: 9
Likes: Lemmy, Roy
Dislikes: Ludwig, Larry
Stastatics: The forth oldest Koopa Kid. Has glasses.

Name: Wendy Koopa
Age: 8
Likes: Lemmy
Dislikes: Roy butting in on their romance
Stastatics: The third youngest Koopa Kid. The only girl Koopa Kid.

Name: Morton Koopa
Age: 7
Likes: Lemmy, Iggy
Dislikes: Ludwig
Stastatics: The second youngest Koopa Kid. Has very little hair.

Name: Larry Koopa
Age: 6
Likes: Ludwig
Dislikes: junk food
Stastatics: The youngest Koopa Kid. Guards his father's castle.

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